Going Green And Saving Our Planet

February 11, 2016

I wanted to get in touch with our earthly sides today in this post. With the craziness of our lives, and the constant pressures and anxiety of modern living, it’s important to continue to give back to the world. Today we look at the benefits of going green. How does it affect us, how does it affect our planet, and how can it better us all. I believe everyone has a responsibility to give back to our planet, and it all starts with you and me…


The Relationship

In order for a relationship to work, it should be a matter of give and take. The relationship humans used to have with Mother Earth is all about taking advantage. Since Mother Earth has provided us with just about everything we need, we tend to just take it willingly to the point of abusing the privilege, without realizing the possible negative consequences.


For many years, our planet has not ceased to provide us with rich natural resources, but today, the story has come to a twist. There is always an end to everything and it won’t be long before Mother Earth stops giving.

What humans took from the planet, they never gave back, for if they did, things like global warming and climate change would not have happened. However, it is not too late to develop a new relationship with our dear planet. Nothing is ever too late if it is simply for the benefit of the planet we call home. Do what you have to today and reap the benefits later on.


Saving Mother Earth

When our relationship with Mother Earth was once just taking advantage of what we are provided for, the new relationship should now be about giving back to her by saving her. Since people are now aware of the consequences of abusing the natural resources, others have put in their efforts to do something about it.

Fortunately, people have awoken and are starting to take those steps. Since the advent of global warming, different campaigns have been launched to protect the Earth all the more. In addition, the major corporations that were once a major source of pollution are also doing their part to help save our home planet.

Even amidst the raging modern technology, efforts to save the planet have not diminished. In the modern world, people are fond of using electronic gadgets, one after the other, supporting the fad.

While at this point the demand for such goods cannot be controlled, the big corporations are stepping up to at least make up for the energy they consumed to make those products, as well as the electricity required for the product to work. In a more specific sense, take the web hosting industry as an example – it is much needed for businesses and they, too, have decided to go green with their services.


Going Green Choices
Going green does not have to be lavish as installing expensive solar panels or wind turbines to be able to harness renewable energy sources. Although it may involve a change in lifestyle, it does not require you to be someone that you are not. If you cannot afford solar panels, do not push it – you can still do so many things to contribute to the protection of the planet, even in your own little way.

Going green is a choice to make, and a simple one for that matter. Every little thing you contribute to save the planet makes a very big difference. Start small and it can go a long way in developing that new positive relationship with Mother Earth.


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6 comments on “Going Green And Saving Our Planet

  1. Peter Miller Feb 20, 2016

    I agree with you. The green movement is a great one, but only as good as the ones that want to follow it. I really appreciate trying to be green and learning how it can help the world in the end.

  2. Andisho Feb 24, 2016

    So many people think that because we have gone green that might be hurting other things on Earth. I do not agree and since life is an ever changing thing, we just need to move forward and learn from what mistakes we made in the past regarding waste and the green movement.

  3. Allison Hood Feb 24, 2016

    Great article. I have been trying to be more green around the house and these are great things to keep in mind.