TAGP 30: Top 5 Greatest Regrets Of The Elderly

September 19, 2016

biggest regrets of seniorsAs I walked up to interview the first of five 90 year old seniors at their senior home, the first thing one of them said to me was:

“I Wish Life Has A Rewind Button.”

It was amazing how badly these 90 year old seniors wanted to talk about heir greatest regrets. The things they wish they could change, but can’t anymore. The amazing thing I learned, and will share in more depth in this episode, is that none of us should settle for a stale life and have regrets at a later age.

A Comfortably Happy Life Shouldn’t Be Good Enough

As most of you know through my powerful health anxiety story, I lived as a victim for many years. A victim that thought health anxiety would be my reality for the rest of my life. The seniors I had talked to, and share with you in this episode have also had more than their share of mental health surprises.

The worst part is that they let their struggles interfere with the person they always wanted to be. They weren’t able to help others the way they wanted to. They weren’t able to have the life experiences they wished they could, and now time is running out for them. But you can begin using their regrets, to fuel your recovery from anxiety starting today.

In this episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we’ll learn about:

  • The real reasons for why these seniors couldn’t overcome their life obstacles
  • The one greatest piece of advice for people in their 30’s and 40’s
  • How pleasing people shouldn’t be on the list of priorities in your life

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7 comments on “TAGP 30: Top 5 Greatest Regrets Of The Elderly

  1. Petty Arizon Sep 21, 2016

    More often than not, most people just push off the anxiety in them, probably thinking it’s just a passing cloud that has nothing to do with their lives. Listening through your helpful anxiety podcast, I just can’t stop wondering how many people out there still let health anxiety take control of their lives….until it’s too late. Now in mid-40’s, I can’t thank you more. Thank you The Anxiety Guy for great advice, looking forward to the next podcast 🙂

    • You’re very welcome. Also thanks so much for the rate and review on the anxiety guy podcast Petty. It goes a long way to helping us help others with health anxiety.

  2. Amra Hassu Sep 21, 2016

    Hey Dennis,
    The video on your health anxiety story is an eye-opener on what happens when suffering with health anxiety. I have shared the video because it’s a priceless piece of advice, especially for the victims of health anxiety and related issues who have suffered for years and all they have now are life regrets. The confusion and uncertainty that comes with health anxiety is enough to cause regrettable life experiences but your story is a great pointer on how to recover from anxiety. Keep up the good work … will rate you on iTunes…

    • Thanks for the podcast rating Amra really appreciated. Take care and glad you started the 1 on 1 life coaching sessions with me, let’s conquer health anxiety together.

  3. Steve Holms Sep 22, 2016

    Hello Dennis,
    I love your health anxiety podcasts and the enlightening advice that you share with us. Most people don’t realize the effects of anxiety taking a tall order on their lives until the anxiety symptoms are glary obvious. I have been a victim of health anxiety and I find the information that you share here being very helpful to people like me. Thank you!

  4. mohamed Sep 24, 2016

    hi dennis… hope u foing great… i need u tips about something… well i do accept my fears and physical anxoety symptoms but wht im feeling now i have no explanation..i know agoraphobia is fear of open8ng space outside.. wht is happening to me is im scared always when i get up from bed i get fear with numbness in my body and depression.. whn i go to toillet same fear tht i will faint or collapse . even i stay in my room .. of caurse it gets worse when i go out but i challege it.. so whts tht fear .i was told 2 years ago its anxiety i dont know now whts happening to me.. and very sever depersonalisation is developed ..simetimes i get scared with it when i feel tht who am i . is it me . fisrt time i hear my voice or can i see my self i dont know doctor told me its depersonalisarion. i accept but it getting worse with various symptoms.. so why do i have tht constant fear . and those symptoms ..a friend of mine told wht i been doing is challenging y symptoms not accepting.. other say take it easy and ignore it.. they think its easy.. i go outside i do some activities but with sever fear not feeling comfort
    . even if my symptoms reduces become low i get depersonalisation when i go out wity friends tht feeling made me despair. wht tips i can get dennis.. if i call my friends thy call me down with some words then anxiety go down .but my friends sometime r busy everbidy has his life so i get alone.. if afraid tht pilss tht i stopped 3 years ago did this to me . bcz i used only have panic attack .. when i stopped everything cane gradually . i used to take xanax ciprlex for 3 years and i stopped 2013 . so any idea or tips thx