TAGP 52: Top 10 Rules To Become The Greatest Version Of You

February 20, 2017

rules to create your greatest version of you“Life Is Really Simple, But We Insist On Making It Complicated.” 

If there were 10 rules I could give someone to become all they were meant to be in this life, it would be these ones. Life is simple, but we make it complicated. In NLP we label these 10 principles as presuppositions. Understand them and how they may be different than your own current perceptions. Recognize how these approaches could benefit you in your own life, and begin implementing them.

“Conformity Provides Great Limitations On People’s Potentials”

To conform is to become someone else. To think the way they do, to act the way they do, and to run our lives the way they do. This is far too common in today’s world. You’re better than this, because you are here. You want different things in your life therefore you must do things differently.

The best thing I ever did in my life was to take a good conscious look around me, and my environment. Where was my time being spent? How was my time being spent, and with who. How were these things affecting my life positively or negatively? Most people don’t stop to take a look, they’re drenched in self misery and believe this is the best it’ll ever be.

Don’t Be Most People… Please

Most people run towards a strategy before fixing their mindset. Their approach to life. Their approach to themselves. That is why this podcast episode exists today, to show you a new way. A way that will empower you to not only serve yourself better, but to serve others as well. These top 10 roles to live by will get you to where you want to go.

In Episode #52 I Want To Show You:

  • How one change can create a snowball effect in a good way
  • What keeps you stuck in a cycle of fear
  • Where your fears have manifested from, and how to overturn them starting now

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2 comments on “TAGP 52: Top 10 Rules To Become The Greatest Version Of You

  1. Kenny Mar 17, 2017

    Just downloaded this episode and can’t wait to listen through it. Really appreciate your podcast and all the insights and ideas you share. Thank you.