TAGP 93: The Single Most Powerful Guided Visualization For Anxiety

December 4, 2017

“Control Your Internal Images Or The World Will Do It For You.”

guided visualization for anxiety

Get ready for the most powerful guided visualization for anxiety exercise you can do anytime throughout your day. In many of my videos and podcast episodes you’ll hear me discuss the importance of controlling your energy fields and emotions. Whatever sort of vibration you give off to the world you get back in return, which is why today’s podcast is so important.

Today we’re going to create a feeling within you that will lead to a perspective shift that will lead to a change in beliefs!

Along with this powerful guided visualization for anxiety there are a few very crucial principles that I will go over today. These are much like the principles I teach in my program that have taken many people from suffering to freedom. What is freedom you ask? freedom is a deep understanding of what doesn’t work, and what does. It’s becoming open minded to new possibilities, and seeing your challenges in a whole new light.

Remember, these sorts of changes don’t happen overnight though, you’ve practiced anxiety for quite some time

Which is why it’s even more important to begin recognizing what doesn’t work. The first thing I can tell you that won’t work, is your approach to your problems. Managing, coping, dealing with anxiety are all adding to the ceiling you put on how far you can go, and how pleasant your life can be.

We must consciously take a new stand, and understand that there are people in everyday life that no longer manage anxiety, but see it as a previous identity they once had, a misinterpretation that they figured out in time. Their core beliefs changed, their actions changed, and their lifestyle changed.

In Episode #93 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I Discuss:

  • How this one guided visualization for anxiety can change the way you feel
  • How starting the day with the feelings you want more of is key
  • Why it’s so crucial to create a plan for anxiety recovery

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6 comments on “TAGP 93: The Single Most Powerful Guided Visualization For Anxiety

  1. mohanned Dec 6, 2017

    Hi thx dennis we ready need tht .. in the morning is the most we indeed need it.. when i wake up in the morning deperssion and depersonalisation starts then physical symptoms ..then panicky .. i need to start my day with reprogramming my mind with something encouring and epowering ..ill start doing it and i know it depends on my level af anxiety and my personality to get to proper income maybe few days or month..just ask u dennis about 3 months u been saying in u podcast…do i need to make a list of changing my habits and my routine and find something i like and focus on it.. and letting my self to feel the fear and symptoms of anxiety and not avoiding . Are only these things i should do in 3 months or othre things enlight me dennis thx v much

    • What you mentioned in that comment is a fantastic starting point. Recognizing the current thinking and behaving patterns, routines in the mornings, coupled with acceptance over expectation is key.

  2. Miranda Taylor Feb 14, 2018

    Hi Dennis
    I’ve come across your podcast and I’ve found it very helpful. I’d like to take on some couching however I’m in Australia. My reason for contacting you today is I suffer from panic disorder. I’ve become frustrated and disillusioned with the support system here in Australia. Often I find myself in dire need of professional help but it can take up to six months to get an appointment with a psychologist. I have an intense fear of being physically alone and so I avoid it. I’m 32 and married I know this is affecting my husband. Please can you help me?

    • Hello Miranda. I would suggest signing up for coaching sessions with me in the next 2 weeks (openings available now) and we can discuss during the sessions the best approach to get you quickly moving in a better direction. ❤️ Dennis