In A Man’s World, Hair Loss Caused By Stress Can Be Quite Demoralizing

August 27, 2014

If I told all you men out there that one of the major factors when it comes to hair loss for us stems from stress, there would be no surprise in that. So then the issue becomes:

When Do We Start Making Changes In Our Lifestyle So We Can End The Cycle Of Hair Loss Caused By Stress!

I mean it’s either this or a bunch of nice shiny bald patches around your head, and you may be saying to yourself ‘Dennis, there’s more to hair loss then just stress’ and I agree, Sort of. You see stress can be triggered either internally or externally. The external situations mainly come from the environment, and the internal factors are heavily connected to the emotional responses such as depression, resistance to change (which I was very guilty of pre anxiety disorder), and grief.

Understand That If Your Stress Is Pretty Much On Auto-Pilot, It Will Begin Affecting The Way Your Body Reacts

A good 15-20% of people who contact me about the program, or want some coaching advice on how to lessen their stress and anxiety levels the fastest way possible, all have this agonizing pain of one day losing their hair completely. Some of them tell me that they check almost every mirror in the shopping mall as they frantically stroll along. Others tell me that they have even learned new sleeping positions so that their hair won’t get crushed and can breathe better (this one still confuses me).

A Few Minutes Into Our Coaching Sessions I’ll Hear A Girlfriend Or Wife Yell Out From The Back Saying “Is This About Your Hair Again?”

Sticking with the comedic side of hair loss caused by stress, I truly believe it was the Italians who were the first people to spread the news of how devastating life would be without hair. Reason being when I lived in Italy a few years back, I’ve never seen so many males carry around pocket mirrors at one time. Even some of the tennis professionals that I came up against in professional tennis matches preferred a pocket mirror instead of water during change-overs. It was like Grease 2 the sequel everywhere you went!

Ah Those Italians, It’s Pretty Much Do Or Die For Them…

But let’s get serious for a second. If you truly are concerned over your hair loss caused by stress, than you need to come up with a few simple but powerful ways to manage stress that you will enjoy. For all the males out there that think they’re too cool for different methods of relaxation I completely get it. But I also guarantee you that when you embark on a journey where you give back to your mental, physical and emotional well being, you’ll love the results and will be hooked.

The Three Most Powerful Ways To Combat Hair Loss Caused By Stress Are:


Massage Therapy

Physical Activity

If you have trouble meditating at first it’s probably best to go through some guided relaxation videos. Massage therapy is also an ideal way of letting go of all that built up tension and stress that’s begging to get out. Lastly, we all know how important physical activity is to maintain a healthly lifestyle. The problem is people don’t start a physical activity program because they think it will take up too much of their time, and will be too painful.

The Truth Is All You Really Need To Combat Your Hair Loss Caused By Stress Is 15 Minutes Per Day

Hair loss caused by stress can be stopped pretty easily, and quickly once you begin to take steps to control your stress and ease the pressures that you face daily. Take comfort in knowing that hair loss usually is not permanent, and hair tends to grow back once a plan is in place and stress is reduced. When you begin to eliminate stress, the hormonal balance in your body becomes restored and the production of much needed specific nutrients come back to normal levels. In the end there are a ton of confident great looking males in the world who have lost their hair, so do your best to be open minded.

How do you deal with stress on a daily basis? Share your suggestions and experiences below.

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8 comments on “In A Man’s World, Hair Loss Caused By Stress Can Be Quite Demoralizing

  1. Sheikh Aug 29, 2014

    Honestly I never thought hairloss had to anything with stress! I have had been having stress all the time and hairloss as well. I didn’t even think about them both having to do something with each other at all.

    • When you hear the news the first time it can be quite puzzeling i’m sure. In a nutshell lessen your stress and anxiety, and lessen the amount of hair that falls.

  2. David Aug 29, 2014

    I have had a lot of hair loss, I guess it has been because of all the stress on my shoulders.

  3. efpierce Sep 2, 2014

    Physical activity is one of the best stress relievers I know of. I am not so sure it can bring my hair back, but it might let me keep more of what I do have! 🙂

  4. Karen Marie Shelton Sep 3, 2014

    Great blog Dennis, as always.

    I’ve been involved in the hair world since 1995. There is very little I don’t know about hair including all the secrets involved with growing it as well as losing it. For many years I’ve logically known the impact of stress on hair loss, but never really experienced it personally.

    In 2013 I had an extremely stressful year which was unrelenting. I was required to work 18 hour days, 7 days a week for 12 straight months.

    Ironically, my hair didn’t fall out until 2 months after the stress completely ended at the beginning of 2014. Once my work/life stress stopped completely, then my hair started falling out in huge handfuls. Within 2 months my hairstylist informed me that approximately 30% of my hair had fallen out.

    On a side note, I haven’t cut my hair since the late 1980s. Over the years it’s grown to my hips.

    When I started watching my hair fall out due to stress, I was shocked at how relentless the cycle was. It took 6 months before the fallout eventually stopped and my hair started growing back in. Now my hair is finally recovering and getting thicker again.

    Losing my hair due to stress was one of the most emotionally devastating experiences I have had.

    Thank you for sharing your tips on how to stop hair loss due to anxiety. I believe all of them are extremely helpful. I also agree that nutrition can make a huge difference in impacting hair loss situations. You are sharing great wisdom Dennis. Thank you so much.

    • ‘Losing my hair due to stress was one of the most emotionally devastating experiences I have had.’ If I had a dollar for every time I hear that line from people contacting me for help. Thanks for taking the time to learn and apply the teachings Karen.