TAGP 11: 21 Day Health And Wellness Challenge

March 15, 2016

Ready to step out of your comfort zone, and into a world of health and abundance? This 21 day challenge will test your character and will create a change in your life. It will challenge the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual side of you so get ready!

One Small Step Per Day To Success In Your Health

You’re much stronger than you may think you are, and if you stick with me through the 21-day wellness challenge you’ll truly have a head start against your mild to severe anxiety levels. This 21-day wellness challenge was put together for you, the anxious minded individual. If you feel that some of the challenges are a little too far outside your comfort area, do your best
to complete the challenge at a pace that’s right for you.

Here’s What You’ll Be Learning In Episode #11 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast:

  • The most important diet advice for people suffering from health anxiety
  • What the best herbs are for stress and anxiety
  • How to defy your fears starting today

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4 comments on “TAGP 11: 21 Day Health And Wellness Challenge

  1. Patricia Clark Mar 27, 2016

    At first, I thought I was ready to give it a go, but then I realized that I am not ready. I would like to get to the point, some day, that I can challenge myself like this, but I do not think that time is now.

    • You seem like you really know where you’re headed Patricia. This 21 day health and wellness challenge will always be here when you’re ready.

  2. Nick Branden Mar 27, 2016

    I think having this process take a long time and only go with small steps is a major part of its success. thank you for sharing your story.