A Day In The Life Of Someone With Health Anxiety

January 28, 2017

health anxiety helpHealth anxiety is a disorder wherein affected people elicit an obsessive preoccupation with their health and about being severely ill.

A person with health anxiety often thinks and believes that he/she has a serious disease like tumor in brain or cancer. Thus, all through a day, the person will perceive any kind of normal or minor physical sensation to be a symptom of some severe underlying condition. Then the process about confirmation (via Google and other sources) of the severe disease begins and continues all day.

It may be noted that when we focus on any object, etc., we tend to notice the most minor details of that thing. The same is the case with the body. If we focus on one specific part of the body, then we start noticing all kinds of new stuff and varied sensations in that area of the body as well as elsewhere.

This is what happens to a person with health anxiety, with the difference being that the patient is beset by such unwarranted focus and subsequent thoughts of having something wrong, at every possible moment, all through a day. The more a person with health anxiety focuses on a specific body area, the more the unknown body sensations get perceived, and this triggers incessant worrying about their health and physical well-being.

One of the best ways to get health anxiety help is to seek additional and thorough information about the disorder and then seek relevant medical and psychological help for it.

Health Anxiety Help: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy/CBT

It is one of the best ways to control and ease the symptoms and effects of health anxiety. Doctors may suggest CBT to patients as health anxiety help along with medications, breathing techniques, and other therapies.

The aim of cognitive behavior therapy is to challenge the needless beliefs and thoughts and slowly change the behaviors of the patient. Some of these behaviors include constantly checking for signs, looking for reassurance of good health from friends, doctors, etc., and avoiding important places like hospitals, good TV shows, etc. that trigger health anxiety attacks.

The therapy enables and helps a health anxiety patient to discover that the worry and panic about their physical well-being is the cause of the sensations and not the incorrect belief of an underlying severe disease.

Health Anxiety Help: What can people do as self-help for health anxiety?

In addition to CBT and other treatments from medical experts, patients may follow the below listed steps to avoid spending their days wrought with worry and anxiety about their health:

Recognize and accept the fact that you tend to over react to the body sensations and jump to conclusions about serious underlying illnesses.

Think about other things when the worry begins. For example, you may focus and think about the color blue and this will trigger thoughts of all things blue, like the sky, oceans, etc. If distraction to other aspects of life does not work as health anxiety help, then rationalize the cause of any type of body sensation. For example, a mild twinge in chest area may just be acid reflux from the fast-food eaten last night and not severe cardiac disease.

Get educated about the different diseases that you are worried about. It will help rule out all symptoms as being irrelevant.

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13 comments on “A Day In The Life Of Someone With Health Anxiety

  1. York Wetherill Jan 29, 2017

    This really hit the nail on the head. I appreciate all this info you post because it is so reassuring to know that others are feeling like I do. I meditate and work out and it helps a lot but I still feel anxiety but normally in waves sometimes after days. Also sometimes if I’m out in crowds or strangers I get the freeling like I’m in a haze and sometimes get tired. Ever heard of anything like that?? Thanks again I love your posts.

  2. Evera Feb 1, 2017

    The individuals who have not the slightest bit experienced anxiety don’t have any thought how loathsome it’s far – they are stating “wake up – it may not happen” but rather one’s whole personality and casing is persuaded the most noticeably bad will show. nobody picks strain, give up rather everyone needs to be cheerful and joyful

  3. Gracious, at the start of a year ago, for a while, I about lived on ideal here, accordingly of continuous well being anxiety. It turned into my first involvement with anxiety; i used to be not the slightest bit a bothering individual, nor did I ever consider i would be, thus i used to be currently not set up for the way hard it’d hit me.

  4. i’m having pressure issues i am youth transformed into moreover extremely exasperating. on the age of 17 I had an occasion once I turned out to be rationally abandoned it was transient i have recouped yet the whole is irritated i’m for the most part in injury i have extreme misery i have buddies anyway i stay alone now.

  5. George Feb 1, 2017

    Hi i’ve been overseeing terrible anxiety for over one months now i’ve had each ach torment and sensation i would state their goes i’ve sore throbbing strong tissues my edge feels substantial and it’s difficult to do straightforward commitments i get pressure intricacies and agonies in my mind which is prompting to sore eyes and their exceptionally.

  6. Frank Feb 1, 2017

    howdy. i used to address if every individual else has anxiety signs and manifestations in the wake of eating. i have been distinguished as having an anxiety malady anyway I expect more than that i’ve a couple kind of stomach related sickness.

  7. Elvis Feb 1, 2017

    A couple of years prior (on the age of 21) I started developing very overwhelming sweats that had been initiated by means of anxiety. at whatever point I even get the scarcest hint of strain, and it unquestionably does not should be bounty, my total body consumes and that i begin sweating prefusely. The seriousness of the anxiety

  8. Oscar Feb 1, 2017

    i’ve serious wellbeing pressure and were encountering every manifestation for as far back as 4 months. as of now i have built up a fresh out of the box new sensation which obviously sent me into a frenzy all yet again. i am getting a warm sensation at the external aspect of my left knee anyway it is not hot to touch. It seems like a warm.

  9. Gentle Feb 1, 2017

    So i’m into my third trimester and strain and a sleeping disorder has kicked in. i get the chance to rest at last most straightforward to be woken forty five minutes after the fact with heart pulpitations? is this regular and what did others do to offer assistance? i’ve 11 weeks to head so the possibility of getting this for that long terrifies me!

  10. larcasa Feb 1, 2017

    i’ve been having anxiety and despairing for around 4 weeks ‘m on meds and once in a while I encounter as though it’s assuming control over my ways of life and i have two children I would rather not look me going through is my first time delight in this and i simply need my ways of life lower back to days I simply cry I can’t even

  11. Hey all, i’ve distributed in here more than one occasions no longer farewell previously. I thought I had my anxiety underneath control following eleven weeks of taking however couple of weeks prior i found an irregularity in my throat (point of fact inside near my tonsil) i have been to peer a private specialist about it.

  12. Kelly Feb 7, 2017

    I believe health anxiety is an illness that is becoming more and more common, and that it is also an illness associated with modern life. It makes me wonder what the initial triggers are – you mentioned that people with health anxiety tend to self-diganosed through google (I have to admit, I’m guilty of this too). Do you think that this ease of accessibility to information (some which isn’t necessarily true) and the information overload (increase access to stories from rare events or rare illnesses) has contributed to a rise in health anxiety?