TAGP 72: My Health Anxiety Journey Through Medications, Support, And Setbacks

July 10, 2017

health anxiety journey podcast“Life Gave Me The Biggest Beating Imaginable, And It Wasn’t Until I Learned The Lesson That I Succeeded.”

Sometimes when you hear the health anxiety journey and recovery story first hand it adds much relief. Medications, anxiety support teams, and setbacks are something every health anxiety sufferer thinks of and experiences in their journey. Which is the inspiration behind this anxiety guy podcast episode.

The Definition Of Insanity Is Partaking In The Same Patterns And Habits And Expecting A Different Result

Which is what I did for many years. Then I realized that something had to give, so I took my doctors advice and started antidepressants and anti anxiety medications. Let’s just say they both sucked royally for me. The other confusing arena is the anxiety support teams:

  • Who to turn to?
  • Who Will Listen?
  • And For goodness sake who has some half decent advice based around helping me to actually progress?

Of course we can’t forget the inevitable, setbacks. Everyone has them during their health anxiety journey towards recovery. Why? Because your subconscious mind refuses to accept anything that doesn’t fit your current beliefs and values. So as a whim, calmly, in the back of your mind it says to you:

“You’re Expecting Me To Take This New Thought Or Skill Set You Just learned, And Run With It With No History Of Success Behind It?”

Welcome to the topsy turvy world of convincing your subconscious mind that you are a healthy, empowered, capable, loving, grateful, and fearless person. It takes time, it takes tears, and it takes some pain to re-condition your mind and to get it to be something you can rely on again, instead of your own worst enemy.

In Episode #72 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I Share:

  • How one anti anxiety medication almost led me to taking my own life
  • Why most health anxiety support people fail to actually help
  • How you can shift your mindset so that setbacks become a positive thing

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4 comments on “TAGP 72: My Health Anxiety Journey Through Medications, Support, And Setbacks

  1. mohanned Jul 11, 2017

    v good podcast.. yes for medication everybody has it own reaction .. for me xanax worked for me for 2 years than i started to v agressive ..i lose memory ..nightmares… sever dependence.. im glad i stopped medication which was big mistake bcz i wasnt aware and doctor pulled the trigger never explain to me wht panic attack is.. 4 yeaes now since i stopped .. panic attacks came back but i overcomed it.. but unfortuantyl i develped anxiety .. constat physical symptoms and fear.. but now i knkw why .. bcz of my negative thinking i always give worse senario.. dr google was the one who be thankfull to bring anxiety and fear..still my mind play with bcz my constant symptims as u said dennis once this time is defernt from other time palpetatiin sweeting feel vomit always u think it heart attack.. still sometime check m pulse my bp ..vidit doctor but ..every 10 times i have i ignore 9 times one time i viisit doctor.. im still having fear phobis constant ohysical symptoms but i think im not like before ..bettre than last year im doug progress as u said baby steps with setbacks one day it will be over

  2. Kelly Jul 12, 2017

    “Insanity Is Partaking In The Same Patterns And Habits And Expecting A Different Result” – this is so simple, but so true! I think many people get caught in a cycle of bad habits and routine, as well as stuck in their comfort zones. They end up just repeating the same thing over and over again, and wondering why they are making no progress, or worse, falling even more into a life of depression or anxiety. I guess make changes can be scary, but if something is not working, then you need to be the change you want to see, and do something about it, otherwise it’s not going to go away!