TAGP 48: A Holistic Approach To Healing Anxiety With Dr Denise Mcdermott

January 23, 2017

Dr Denise Mcdermott the anxiety guy podcast“You Are More Than Your Symptoms.” Dr Denise Mcdermott

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Denise Mcdermott, and I loves every minute. Dr Denise tells it how she see it, and believes in mastery over your mind, body, and spirit for excellent mental health. Not the typical Doctor we all have come to know, we being the health anxiety sufferers of course.

“When Dr Denise Mcdermott Speaks, We Must Take In That Important Knowledge”

As many of you know, the Twitter world is jam packed with people trying to build their brands and businesses. It’s really difficult to read people’s true intentions from their Tweets and comments. What struck me about Dr Denise Mcdermott was this inner care that she had for anxiety sufferers. She just seems to be someone who ‘gets it,’ and I can only say to her clients this:

You Are Some Pretty Darn Lucky Folks To Have This Doctor By Your Side

A Doctor needs to be caring, and show you that you’re not just a number, you’re a human being. Therefore you should be treated not like the last patient that walked in, but someone who is in need of a state change. By applying a mind, body, spirit approach to healing anxiety we can bounce back in the quickest way, and allow ourselves to tap into the healing mechanisms we have within us.

In episode #48 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we will be learning more about:

  • How most doctors view health anxiety patients
  • The best practices to heal generalized anxiety
  • Dennis’s true experiences going from doctor to doctor during the peak of health anxiety

Download this episode and share this with others who are in need of a helping hand through health anxiety.

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8 comments on “TAGP 48: A Holistic Approach To Healing Anxiety With Dr Denise Mcdermott

  1. Was interesting. Dennis’s point was well proven in the podcast. The good doctor clearly doesn’t understand what health anxiety is… Really is. She was much more concerned with semantics than the actual problem and she never really answered any of the questions posed

    • Thanks for the input Todd. Wondering about your personal experiences with the doctors in your life if you have health anxiety, GAD?

      • My personal experiences have been OK. The doctor’s have taken me seriously and conducted all the relevant tests up to a point. Once that point is reached, however, you are then shunted on your way as someone with health anxiety (personally I prefer hypochondria as a name). There is no explanation of what this means or how you can be sure you are safe. Just a you’re OK, so on your bike.

        Psychologists don’t understand what is going on either. I am a firm believer that, unless you have had hypochondria, you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Haven’t seen anything to change my perspective on that one.

        • Good points Todd thanks for sharing a bit of your back story. If you haven’t gone through personal health anxiety hell yourself, very hard to help a chronic sufferer I agree.

  2. mohamed Jan 24, 2017

    hi dennis v interesting pocast with doctor…. actually they never told my i have hypochondria .. all they said i have anxiety only anxiety… 5 years ago i started have panic attack… i got medication xanax and cipralex .. for 3 years untill i got sever side effects then i stopped medicine ..they put me on medication tht realy was big mistake ..panic attack never get treatment by drugs but my undesstanging the alarm system in our body then to accept and carry on life.. so later i started to have symptoms of dizzines racing heart imbalance .. i was told 3 years ago it was anxiety.. so i said its ok as long as its not health problem ill handle it.. dennis realy i know my self i know wht happend to me later .. one day i was having same symptoms dizzy weak body i said to my self why not visiting doctor so i did.. tht moment my blood pressure was low ..the doctor told dont worry eat anuthing salty .. but wht happend is tht i scared my self i went home running i had salty food later i started to check my bp every 15 mintes i was scared.. so i did this to my self i scaeed my self ..later i developed fear contantly i i started to have thoughts whenevr i feel dizzy and weak i have low bp then i will faint.. for 3 years now i have constant symptoms constant fear from going out .. even if i want buy anything .. i did it me.. my mind is programed to fear now..i started to fiollow dennis u podcast and many website showing me how to reprograme mind to reverse fear and anxiety.. wht im doing now is cbt for my self .. challenging and defy my fears anything my mind telling me i do the opposite and in return my mind gives more fear its like challenge between me and subconsius. i go everywhwre do activires but still have fear sbcz my symptoms is changing always as u know . second i fear the fear itself . but all of tht i carry on my life hoping one day i will lose interest in my fears and symptoms it takes time i know i did this to my self its my job to convience my mind not to be afraid anymore which takke more patient and time

    • The layers between your true self and your critical self are many. By being relentless in changing those habits my friend, and using your mind, body, and engaging in your spirit you will get there.

  3. Thank you, Dennis, for sharing this podcast. Holistic is a new way heal I agree. I’m very conscious on every medication I take because I don’t like a prescription. I’m a housewife that prefer the holistic approach in everything. I also found another podcast from this website http://learntruehealth.com that is a very helpful website for my needs.