A Message Of Hope In The Face Of Fear And Anxiety (Video)

September 27, 2014

Coping with constant fear and anxiety due to health concerns can not only be frustrating, but exhausting as well. Many times people who have to deal with the fear and anxiety cycle don’t really have anyone to turn to. ‘Regular’ people just don’t get it, and this is completely understandable.

The cycle of fear and anxiety normally leads to what’s called a panic attack. This feeling can be described as a rush of massive urgency that starts without a real cause. The peak of a panic attack normally reaches it’s highest severity at about the 60 second mark.


The age bracket of anxiety attack disorder normally affects people through the ages of about 20 to 35.


Depression can be a sidekick for someone who repeatedly experiences anxiety attacks due to lingering fear and anxiety. Strangely, this type of disorder affects twice as many women as men, with approximately 3 to 6 million US citizens currently going through this condition.

An anxiety attack is not some kind of a disease that you can catch. It’s a mental health condition that is conditioned, and can also be re-conditioned. The feeling of becoming powerless in the face of immense inner and outer terror can be the worst life experience someone can go through. The other issues when it comes to dealing with fear and anxiety is that the symptoms can always be different.


The cycle of fear and anxiety may lead to experiencing body zaps one day, and the next you may feel the lingering feelings of a lump in the throat


Fear and anxiety brings with it many different faces. But through this video I want to share a message of hope, as well as give you two important tips to deal with fear and anxiety.

Enjoy everyone, and don’t forget to add your comments and suggestions below.


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2 comments on “A Message Of Hope In The Face Of Fear And Anxiety (Video)

  1. does anyone else ver experience this from their anxiety attacks
    whenever I expect something to happen it always happens exactly as I predicetd it would or is it just me and my negitive belief’s which predict the outcome.

    • endtheanxiety@gmail.com Sep 28, 2014

      Hi Annie, the mind is truly an incredibly powerful thing. Anxiety attacks start with a reaction to a certain event. After that the fear becomes moulded into us, and our subconscious takes over. After that things becomes much more automatic. The goal is to stop the flow of fear at the initial stages, when anxiety is easy to control.