TAGP 26: Could Your Household Items Be Raising Your Anxiety Levels?

August 22, 2016

best self development tipsIn episode #26 of The Anxiety Guy podcast we go from unconscious, to conscious. We do this by asking questions about what is in the everyday products we use. Many times people don’t realize the toxins and chemicals that come with everyday items such as:

  • Perfumes
  • soaps
  • shampoo
  • deodorant
  • air freshener and much more.

The truth is in today’s world we must question everything. Everything we put into the air we breathe, and the things we put on and in our bodies could be heightening our anxiety levels. I myself was unconsciously buying items for years that had ingredients linked to mental health conditions.

Once I became more picky about the products I used I automatically began seeing a difference in how I felt. My thinking became clearer, my stress levels went down, my energy levels went up, and my double vision disappeared. So if you want to begin feeling better in everyday, you must begin becoming wary of what items are in your house now.

Here are the 3 important things you will learn from episode #26 of The Anxiety Guy podcast:

  • Where you should shop to get the best household items for excellent mental health
  • Why it’s critical that you begin changing your buying habits today
  • What ingredients you must be aware of when buying household items

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7 comments on “TAGP 26: Could Your Household Items Be Raising Your Anxiety Levels?

  1. mohamed Aug 24, 2016

    hi nice information dennis.. we will be more aware when we buy those products.. dennis wht about bood hope snd help .. u opinion about it… i read it as i said i like her methodes which im using for 3 years andi know why the cycle why it kept going …bcz bewilderment and looking at people always tht they are happy and good health and me not.. just the thing i saw it confusing on dr claire book about medication … treating anxiety and phobia with it.. for agoraphbia take sedative before leaving home…. as i know taking sedative will block brain from sending masseges of fear and physical symptoms to the body .. so the agoraphabic will not feel any fear or anything… the target to feel the fear and sensation to reprograme the mind not to drug it .. second thing she said taking sedative with doctor supervision will not cause any incidents.. on contrary i was giving medication under doctor supervidion i experinced many bad things i dont want to mention it and within short period of treatment not long only days.. dennis on friday ill be travelling with my brother ..everytime when any joureny approch my fear and anxiety getting worse . i dont know is it my brain thinks im endanger or anxiety mskes me feel the worst bcz im leaving my country my safety area … any words of encouregment dennis have for me.. bcz my brother doesnr want me to talk about my anxiety and reject me ..just saying take it easy dont think.. nobofy knows wht we r going through .. thnxz

    • You’re experiencing a feared, trained subconscious mind that looks for danger in all situations my friend. The book is good and has some great input for anxiety sufferers, especially health anxiety. But it’s definitely not perfect especially the parts about anxiety medications etc. Ignore those and grab the ones that really speak to you from the book. You will be just fine on your travels, just remember that there are people like me who have been through hell and back with anxiety and panic, and have overcome these states naturally. Baby steps, small wins, and confidence over what you fear will get you there.

      • mohamed Aug 24, 2016

        yes .i think its subconsious mind giving fear all the day.. when i set in a mall i get fear with physical sensation i see world with fear im going to die at any mintue . but i stay anyway i defy everything and accept it .. when i go back home everytging goes down into lowest level of fear … its like my mind realy playing trick trying to scare me 24 hourres.. i will take u advice yes dr claires explained everything just like shes sitting with me ..ill take the good parts as u said .. and ill i will accept everything will happen during my journey thx for u advice u are realy good example denmis

  2. francis woods Sep 14, 2016

    Not just the toxins and the chemicals, but the scents as well! Aromatherapy can be beneficial as well as harmful. There might be a certain scent that reminds you of a bad time and when you smell that scent in your own home, it can trigger anxiety. Air fresheners do that for me and so do some soaps.