How Anxiety Messes Up Your Sex Life

October 7, 2017

“A Perfect Day Starts With Love And Intimacy, Followed By A Warm Cup Of Tea.”

Anxiety can affect almost all aspects of your life, including your sex life. Anxious feelings can adversely affect the libido in numerous ways. The feeling of getting overwhelmed during anxiety can drive away sexy thoughts and prevent people from being or getting into the mood, even if you were all gung-ho about it just a few minutes ago.

Stress and anxiety also produces physical effects, such as increased production of adrenaline and other stress hormones, which can make you feel constantly on edge. If the body cannot calm down physically, then experiencing sexual pleasure or even coming close to orgasm can be very hard.

“Some medicines used for treating anxiety also adversely affect your sex life. This aspect is a kind of a catch-22 situation; the medications which keep anxiety under check (as a temporary band-aid) also tends to play a role in reduced sexual interest.”

How anxiety messes up your sex life

Anxiety can prevent you from being intimate. When you are overwhelmed with anxiousness, you tend to avoid being emotionally or physically intimate with your partner. Sex can be really scary for women suffering from anxiety if past trauma is the cause of their anxiety. In such cases, their bodies tend to shut down thereby preventing any chance of sexual arousal. Sufferers may avoid foreplay or sex without even realizing it, which in turn can cause strains in their relationship.

Anxiety can decrease confidence in the body

It can be quite difficult for many of us to get naked for the first time with someone. It can be even more difficult for those with anxiety, as they become extremely self-conscious and more aware of supposed flaws in their body, the shape of their body, their odor, their breast size and shape, or even how they move. Anxiety can heighten such self-consciousness and inhibit their sex drive.

Anxiety can prevent you from sharing your sexual preferences

Even partners who are very close to each other can find it hard to discuss their desires. Doing so can especially be a challenge for anxiety sufferers. It is a known fact that honesty can indeed make for a better sex life and can help alleviate all the feelings bottled up inside you.

Everything that you desire in bed is okay and normal and complete transparency with the partner can contribute to strengthening the relationship. Anxiety can make it hard for sufferers to understand this fact as increased adrenaline in the body makes them feel and think of dangers ahead.

Anxiety can hamper your ability to achieve an orgasm

Anxiety can cause shallow breathing, tight muscles, and goose bumps which can prevent people from abandoning everything and attaining orgasm. Anxiety can increase the time-frame and stimulation required to reach an orgasm. It also increases discomfort in bending and flexing the body, and stops lubrication. All these anxiety induced factors can prevent an orgasm and mess with your sex life.

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