How Generalized Anxiety Disorder Manifests into a Person’s Life

August 4, 2015

Anxiety is a protective mechanism. It makes you alert before something happens. So, even healthy adults can experience anxiety if something crucial is imminent. But if you feel it too often, even when there is nothing to worry about, you might be having some anxiety disorder.

Anxiety has significant effect on your personal relationships. While you are anxious, you spend most of the time thinking about the source of your anxiety. So, you are being consumed by your thoughts and can’t interact with the other human beings as a normal person does.

One of the important ways the anxiety can affect your relationship is making you suspicious about your partner. Trust is very important for a successful relationship. Lack of trust makes you think in different way about your partner. When you are paranoid or suspicious about your partner, you keep an eye and pick up small clues to support your imaginary hypothesis against your partner. You start believing in things even when there is no supportive evidence behind it. So, your relationship becomes vulnerable.

Anxiety can affect your romantic relationship. Usually it is the close relationship which is affected the most. Anxiety in a close relationship usually takes the form of jealousy, insecurity and suspicion. An anxious person may start thinking that his/her partner is cheating on him/her. While you are suspicious, you don’t need a sound reason to believe something. You keep looking for irrelevant and illogical explanations to support your ideas irrespective of the reality.

Apprehension is an important feature of the anxiety disorders. This means the person knows of his condition that he is anxious. An anxious person is aware that he is over anxious about things but can’t stop himself. This adds to the anxiety of the patient because he blames himself for any break in relationship. On the other hand, he is very much dependent on his partner because anxiety needs a lot of reassurance and psychological support by psychologist as well as by close relatives. So, any break in relationship will worsen the condition of this patient.

A study showed that seven out of ten patients suffering from general anxiety disorder believe that their anxiety had a negative impact on the relationship. They are more prone to relationship problems, and the risk is about two times than that for the general population. 75% of the patients thought that it also affected their normal routine activities.

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  2. Goran Bromlin Feb 20, 2016

    It has so much to do with how you were raised, don’t you think? My mom was constantly making me worry about things that I shouldn’t have even been thinking about when I was younger. As I got older, I found myself not sure what to think, BUT thinking ALL the time about things. Thinking too deeply has caused many stresses in my life.