TAGP 66: How Mentally Out Of Shape Are You?

May 29, 2017

getting mentally in shape“Our Mentality Becomes Our Reality.” – Billy Cox

Have you ever looked at your mental health in this way? How in or out of shape you actually are? When we think about getting in shape we attribute that to consistency in some form of exercise to achieve a desired look or result.

So Why Does Physical Shape Always Come Before Mental Shape In Our Society?

If we look at our system from head to toe, internal to external, and what creates the quality of our lives, so much of it comes down to how we choose to interpret the information taken in from our 5 senses.

After suffering from health anxiety, debilitating panic disorder, and generalized anxiety I came to a very deep realization which was that:

“I Learned That A Thought I Had, Or An Emotion I Felt Was My Systems Way Of Asking My Conscious Mind What To Do With This Information!”

I didn’t need to run with a thought for the entire day, and believe it. I didn’t need to allow my emotions to overtake my reactions and rational thinking processes. But no one ever taught us how to deal with this stuff, until now, so we just keep avoiding or looking for that magic wand for relief.

Staying in great mental shape means working out your mind daily. It means that from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to bed, you allow certain information to enter your inner world, and others not to.

“Our Lives Are The Direct Result Of How Mentally In Shape We Are.” 

In episode #66 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast let’s look at:

  • What things you need to do to get in great mental shape
  • How a brand new perspective can change your world
  • How to step up no matter what situation life throws at you

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4 comments on “TAGP 66: How Mentally Out Of Shape Are You?

  1. mohamed May 29, 2017

    yes dennis u r right.. i have changed despite of my anxiety and fear i made lots of improvments .. i have an affair with nice lady shes playing role now in absorbing my negativity.. i have many hobby shooting .. member of car racing.. i have done g
    things i never done when i was free from anxierty i underdtand how mind plays tricks a d wht i fear will never come true ..

  2. LADEN Jun 4, 2017

    Hi Dennis
    This is laden from Sikkim, India I watch all all your podcasts on YouTube. This is my first time on your web page..
    My anxiety started on Feb this year it was just panic attacks at first then later on all kinds of symptoms came popping up like strong sensations on head and dizziness, offbalance feeling, muscle tension etc etc…
    I practice yoga, meditation and listen to many positive things out there also I am very careful on what to listen and everything.. I have quit social networks, TV and all the stuff there is..
    It’s not wise to expect results soon I know but even then with all the positive thinking and all there are times I hit the bottom and it feels like I have lost Everything and have to start from zero again.
    I have been listening to acceptance and surrender lately but when my time comes to work on it I just couldnt…as soon as I am on it every symptom seems to heighten then it scares me off and I land in my bed sobbing.
    Iam really confused on the part where according to the law of attraction we have to pretend as if we have achieved something we want already so I keep on saying iam great but then again people say speak what you feel let it out …so what should I be doing??

    • The law of attraction left many laws out, a few being the ones related to taking action to manifest. It’s not about wanting the things we want to manifest, it’s the icky feelings we get in our stomachs that tell us we can’t, that’s what we need to deal with, the core beliefs.