How To Control Anger

December 8, 2014

As most of you loyal readers of The Anxiety Guy Blog page know, anger and anxiety pretty much can go hand in hand. So I decided why not share a few words with you today that will help lessen your anger, and thus lessen your anxiety levels as well.

One of the natural reactions that can cause anger stems from the fear of something. People often react in anger, when they are fearful of a particular problem, occurrence, action or basically anything they perceive to be out of their control. However the good news is that there are ways to overcome the anger issues by dealing with the elements that cause the fear.

The following are some tips on how to get rid of the fear that is causing the individual to resort to outbursts of anger:

Get Rid Of It!

Frustration in a particular area can eventually lead to the fear factor creeping in and taking over the individual’s mind and thoughts. One way of avoiding this, would be to address the problem at its root as this will help to stop the frustrations from building and turning into anger.

Once this exercise is launched, surprising results can be unfolded, such as the mind conjuring imagined problems that are not necessarily detrimental but seem to be so just because of the pressure to produce results, the perceived anti feelings that the individual may imagine is directed towards themselves, the fear of being unable to come up with suitable solutions, are all problems that can be solved by tackling the issues itself.

The belief systems an individual stands by can also cause anxiety, which can eventually lead to fear and this too can be the ideal trigger that brings out the anger in the individual. Belief systems are usually harder to address as they are usually firmly ingrained in the person’s mindset, thus tackling this particular problem, may prove to be very exhausting and complicated. However some effort should be exercised to help the individual understand the impacts and implications, the belief system is creating and causing the individual to erupt in anger.


What types of things do you do to control your anger? Share your tips and strategies in the comment section below.

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2 comments on “How To Control Anger

  1. Thanks! This has really made me think – sometimes we get angry and don’t really think of the why or where it really is coming from (triggers). Perhaps because we know but don’t want to confront our fears or troubles. So the main solution really (like you said) is to confront them in the best way. That way we don’t have to spend so long being frustrated. Thank you, this post has helped me today!