Inspiration Against Anxiety

September 1, 2014

Brushing off the negative and unhelpful comments of others takes practice. The majority of the world lives in a constant trance like state, accepting and reacting whatever negatives are said to them. The truth is, once you accept that those words of others are solely linked to feelings such as jealousy, we start to realize that there’s more to those hurtful comments then we realize.


Today’s short inspiration against anxiety message should start to make you more conscious of the big picture


Life doesn’t revolve around what others say and think about you. If your anxiety is fueled greatly by what others say or do, it may be time to start the process of re-evaluation. Once you begin to set that imaginary wall in front of you, you can begin developing a great tool that will only help you reach your greatest goals in your life faster.


I don’t know about you but my social life was pretty non existent during my Anxiety Disorder


What happened to that fearless outgoing man I once was I thought to myself. Agoraphobia which most of the time accompanies a Panic Disorder, is an avoidance of situations and places that could be difficult to escape, or where help may be inaccessible during a panic attack or during scary physical sensations, this could be one of the reasons you tend not to be the social butterfly you wish to be.


The simple thought of going for a cup of tea with a few friends has many potential worries for someone with high levels of anxiety and panic, some of those worries could be will we sit too far from the front door or washroom just in case, how will I be able to socialize and at the same time check in to how i’m feeling just in case something goes wrong, and will others pick up on my worrying and not want to be friends with me anymore, or even worse think i’m crazy? See how everything begins to revolve around how we look in other peoples eyes?


Begin turning your attention from what other people say and think of you, to focusing on turning a certain aspect of your life around. If anxiety is affecting your progress in that area of your life, it may be time to look for a solution that has worked well for someone else, and follow the same path through that mentor.

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3 comments on “Inspiration Against Anxiety

  1. I am blown away Dennis by all of the great insight you provide to your fans here on your blog.

    While I totally agree brushing off the negative and unhelpful comments of others takes practice, sometimes that’s easier said than done. I also agree that the majority of the world lives in a constant trance, accepting and reacting to any negatives said to them or about them.

    Yes, usually hurtful comments are based in jealousy or possibly from an unhappy person who just wants to ruin your day.

    Even though it make sense to ignore mean spirited comments and people, sometimes the heart rules out over the head and those hurtful words seep through.

    Do you have any helpful hints for blocking negativity before it gets in? How do you learn to instantly construct that wall you mention when the negativity starts to fly? I look forward to your response.

  2. Laura Sep 4, 2014

    Dennis you are so inspirational. Love to read your blog.

    I was first diagnosed with anxiety last October (2014). I was in a pretty bad shape. During the first couple of months I couldn’t get out of my house and the nights will make me feel sad. I used to have headaches and feel some sort of electricity in some parts in my head. I went to see a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I was prescribed with a medication which I discontinued after 4 days. I decided, with the help of my family, to go 100% natural. Both doctors introduced me to yoga, teas, oils, and Bach Remedies.

    I also stopped watching the news, action movies, and turned my back to negative people and issues. I am always finding something positive out of the negative issue. I turned my back to gossip and drama. I told lots of people that I wasn’t interested in listening their complaints/drama. I feel bad (sometimes) but I need to take care of myself. No stress means no anxiety for me. I am work in progress but thank God I am moving towards recovery!

    • Out with the old, in with the new I guess Laura. You are a true inspiration for so many, and your new habits and ways will show others that this road is possible without potentially harmful medications. Recovery feels like a new life, it really does. As I look back I wonder why I spent all that time in worry and anxiety. But i’ve gotten to a point where I now believe it was all worth it to be able to share the story, and the natural path that worked for me through the program. I would love for you to update me on your progress, so come back and say hi once in a while 🙂 Big hugs Laura.