How To Inspire Others Through Your Mental Health Story

May 18, 2016

Mental health is as significant as physical health since your brain is a highly important organ in your body, just like your heart is.

Perhaps you would not expect it, but mental health conditions are very frequent, and people of all ages deal with such issues. Every man can suffer from a mental condition at one point in life, although many of us are not aware of such a fact.

For instance, out of six middle-aged people in the United Kingdom, at least one suffers from a kind of a mental health issue. And moreover, women are more affected by mental health disorders than men. Of course, it is evident that mental health is essential for proper functioning of other organs in your body, and for that reason treating mental conditions, as well as sharing the stories about your struggle is of high importance.

Struggling With a Mental Illness

Having in mind how hard it can be to fight a mental disease, it is still not quite clear why our society has the stigma and misunderstanding of mental health issues. Today, the issue of accepting and admitting such problems is a tabu, and for that reason patients who suffer from, for instance, depression or dementia, refuse to accept the diagnosis and even the treatment.

Patients are discouraged at the beginning, and thus their struggle becomes even harder. Once you decide to seek for a help and once you receive therapy, you still don’t want to share your hard times with family and friends, and all that because you believe they will not understand your condition. Well, guess what, your mental story, as well as your struggle with it, can inspire many individuals who remain quiet and who still hesitate whether or not to speak up about their condition.

Today you may share your story with millions and receive messages filled with support and useful advice.

Inspiring Others With Your Story

So, with a huge number of mental struggles due to different obstacles life puts in front of us, there are many different stories you will come up to, especially online. But you should be careful with picking the stories you read as well as places you will tell your story. There are many confessions on the Internet that are not very reliable and they are usually published on the pages of the same quality. However, there are sites on the Net where you can read some truly inspiring stories that may help you resolve your issues.

And those are the places where it is not only safe but also valuable to share your story. Hence, this is the most important part of this text since every experience deserves to be shared. You never know whom it may help overcome similar problems you have already found a way to overcome. Maybe you will be the source of inspiration to someone else and that is the biggest advantage of Internet today.

Where should you publish your story?

Perhaps the best way to inspire the wide population affected by the same mental issues is to share your story online (why not through The Anxiety Guy Facebook page to start). The Internet is a huge place so there are literally millions of pages where people tell the stories about their struggles. Some of them are dealing with various mental issues and others are aiming to particular problems or groups of people.

For example, is the site where teens and young people can read and tell stories that affect their population. This site is trying to help them speak up and confront the obstacles they face without worries of stigmatisation or whatsoever. Honest Mom aims to help women face their issues; Stigma Fighters are trying to take off all kinds of stereotypes about people with mental conditions; etc.

All of these sites are a good place for you to publish your story and thus inspire someone else to face the challenges similar to yours.

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8 comments on “How To Inspire Others Through Your Mental Health Story

  1. Donald Green May 23, 2016

    I have to agree that you can be very inspirational through a story with a good ending. These are very good tips and some that I hope others will use to help others with.

  2. Rosa Wiley May 23, 2016

    This all makes perfect sense to me and even though this is the first post I read, I assume there is a progression through your site that I should take? I really want to beat my anxiety!

    • The End The Anxiety Program has helped over 7000 people and i’m sure will do the same of you, as long as your faith and commitment levels are high.

  3. I agree that mental health is just as important as mental health. My little brother has been struggling with depression for the past few weeks, and it’s sad to see him sad. I suggested to my mom for him to go to a counselor. I actually think she’s trying to find one right now.

    • Counselors are great, in my experiences coaches for instance life coaches who specialize in helping clients with stress and anxiety are better. Reason being they provide long term solutions rather than many short term ‘techniques’ to dealing with anxiety.

  4. As the sharing is caring so we should share our stories to others. Thanks for introduce with us some of the resource where we can share our stories.