TAGP 08: How To Be The Best Anxiety Support Team

February 22, 2016

best anxiety support podcastIn episode 8 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I interview my fiancee Robyn Olsen on what it takes to create a great anxiety support system. Robyn quickly explains what the keys are to helping an anxiety sufferer end their anxiety disorder naturally. This new and different point of view has not been discussed much in the anxiety world. But it’s important to understand what it takes to become a great anxiety support team member.

What you’ll learn in episode 8 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast:

  • What mistakes Robyn made in the beginning of my health anxiety struggles
  • What an anxiety sufferer truly needs from the anxiety support team
  • Ways Robyn was able to turn my anxiety switch off in just a few words a day

I truly believe that episode 8 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast is the most important up to date. reason being, the anxiety support team are the people that spend the most amount of time with the person who’s struggling with anxiety. This time is very important. The words that the anxiety support member uses are powerful, and could change the path of the anxiety sufferer in an instant.

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6 comments on “TAGP 08: How To Be The Best Anxiety Support Team

  1. Ficall Feb 24, 2016

    Once again, you make some very good points. I am just shocked that something as bad as anxiety can really be beat!

  2. Hichis1976 Feb 24, 2016

    Looking back, I think it is amazing when someone can flip that switch. If you ever get to actually see it happen, the look on a person’s face when they realize it happen is just priceless!

  3. Keith Grandburg Mar 27, 2016

    How do you know if a person has anxiety? I mean, it is not like I can see they have a black eye, but I would like to help a friend that I think suffers. Where do I begin?

    • If you see a consistent pattern of thinking and actions that make you believe anxiety is present, it’s time to help a friend suffering. They’re thinking patterns that move into their emotions, that possibly lead to their actions are all signs of anxiety. We all have this intuition that is built into us, and we can sense things quite well. As far as your friend goes Keith the best thing you can do is begin educating yourself on the type of anxiety disorder he or she has. Only then can you give them great advice on anxiety and help them get back to positive life.