TAGP 50: Is Anxiety Hereditary?

February 6, 2017

is anxiety hereditary“Stop trying to be less of who you are. Let this time in your life cut you open and drain all of the things that are holding you back.” – Jennifer Elisabeth

A question that haunts so many people today who suffer with anxiety is; Is anxiety hereditary? If my father, mother, sister, brother has an anxiety disorder does that mean I must live with it forever as well? The power behind this idea can leave many people crippled thinking that coping with anxiety is the only way.

In this milestone episode titled: Is Anxiety Hereditary, I want to share my own opinions and research on this important topic

I lived 6 debilitating years with health anxiety and panic attacks. I grew up seeing my father overreact to the smallest daily challenges. I also saw my father become a physically and verbally abusive person to my mother and me. Lessons learned. I now know how not to be with my own son. But in my mid 20’s I felt I was doomed as well.

Incredible how one limiting belief can keep someone in a state of fear and anxiousness forever sometimes

My father turned into a calm and loving person when I saw him last. I didn’t even know who the person I was talking to was! I was in total shock. He had began to better understand his anxiety, he began to challenge and move with his anxiousness, and came through a better person. Is change possible for you? Yes. So let’s get to this 50th episode of The Anxiety Guy podcast titled; Is Anxiety Hereditary…

In This Episode We Learn About:

  • How genes actually play a part in someone with an anxiety disorder
  • What you can do to begin healing anxiety today
  • How to connect with that person in your family tree who has suffered

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8 comments on “TAGP 50: Is Anxiety Hereditary?

  1. Dominiqe Feb 9, 2017

    What are your thoughts on MTHFR testing? My integrative doctor is recommending it. I have been taking GABA supplements for 3 weeks now and I still feel the same as I did. I had a neurotransmitters test done and I have low gaba, high dopamine and serotonin which I believe is the cause of my persistent brain fog.

    • Hi Dominique i’m sorry I am not very familiar with this type of testing so won’t be able to share thoughts on it.

  2. Dominiqe Feb 9, 2017

    BTW I enjoy your podcasts.

  3. mohamed Feb 10, 2017

    yes dennis i belive heredity cam play role but we can change it.. i need explanation dennis been having the last 6 days heat sensation in arms and legs like its heating its last for hours. i went to hospital say nothing wrong with all negative.. also my heart is speeding up whole day simetime heart beat reach 100 but most time 90 ..97 88 like tht with the heat sensations . im bewildert dennis is it anxiety its new symptoms.. even cardio doctor heart rate is normal and wht i gave is not health related after these symptoms my body gets completly numb fatigue and shaking buu not noticable shaking can u explain dennes thx

    • Hi Mohamed. Anxiety has a funny way of manifesting as different sensations and feelings. It all comes down to an unconscious interpretation of a situation, person or event that triggers these kinds of reactions. In today’s culture we are trained to only work with our thought patterns to try and change our states. But working through body (posture and breathing). as well as our imagination (hypnosis and meditation) can be strong tools to get the desired state we want in an instant.

      • mohamed Feb 11, 2017

        yes i noticed while sitting in chair i never set straight always bending vvv bad habit which 8s pressing ny dighram and cause shorteness of breath sometimrs racing heart… its misiterpretation which im doing my best to fix it.. thx dennies u got v good point

        • Great to be conscious of the body as much as possible. As mentioned the body can alter the mind and mind can alter the body.