Key To Ending Panic Attacks

June 7, 2014

keys to stopping a panic attack

The key to ending panic attacks, is to recognize the exact moment in which things escalate. At this point you have two options:

#1) Get comfortable with your sensations knowing this is yet another episode of heightened anxiety

#2) Flee or run to a ‘safe zone’ where you begin feeling slightly better

Option #1 builds confidence and begins the cycle of turning your anxiety switch off, option #2 keeps you in the cycle of fear-adrenaline-fear and digs you deeper in the anxiety hole. In the end it all comes down to thought, option #2 makes you think differently but this kind of thinking can also be conditioned in the face of great fear.

What option will you pick from today on-wards?

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4 comments on “Key To Ending Panic Attacks

  1. Acute awareness if triggers helps in many situations. Good counsel here.

  2. I often find my panic attacks are similar to how dreams manifest. You always find yourself in the middle of a dream, no remembrance of the beginning and the end is only when we become conscious or aware or our present state of being. This resulting in no reaction time for calm breathing and thoughts to bring my self back into the present moment. I never heard of having a “safe zone” during an episode. Even when in my own home, my surroundings start to have no meaning and are unfamiliar. I always end up outside, perhaps a result of some form of panic claustrophobia, if there is such a thing. Does the tool of having a safe zone help with panic attacks? If so, where should this safe zone be near or not be near?

    It took a lot of practice and change of thought process to realize that all anxiety is, is the focus of the mind being in the future, the worry of what we can not control, and making yourself aware that we can control that very moment by bringing ourselves back into it. Making yourself aware of your surroundings, the birds in the sky, the grass, the coffee mug in front of you. Present moment awareness. Deep breathing and focus. Every since I started breathing exercises and molding my mind to bring myself back into present moment, I’ve been able to be off anxiety medication.

    Thank you for sharing. Short but meaningful enough to make one think about those pertinent decisions and warning signs.

    Infinite Light and Blessings,