TAGP 40: The 7 Laws Of The Mind You Must Understand

November 28, 2016

how to apply the laws of the mind“I want to inspire people, I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up!”

I’m really excited for this episode of the anxiety guy podcast. Mainly because what we think about we tend to believe, what we believe runs our emotions and actions in our lives. These 7 laws of the mind will not only give you a deeper understanding of why your life is the way it is, it will give you the green light…

The Green Light Towards Flexibility Of Thinking. A New Way Of Approaching The Things In Your Life That Is Fueling Further Anxiety

I tend to look at these 7 laws of the mind as manifestation tools for the unconscious mind. How we tweak and change our core beliefs. How we begin the process towards success in any aspect of our lives. This is the information, this is the guide that will take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

But You Must Study This Episode, And Understand How These Laws Of The Mind Relate To Your Own Life

The understanding that everything happens for a reason is powerful. Life doesn’t happen to us, but the structure we create in our minds creates the results in our physical reality. I love this. It gives me control over my life rather than having life control me. So in this powerful episode of the anxiety guy podcast we’ll be diving into:

  • The main reason why you haven’t manifested that one thing you want to in your life
  • The one law that will bring your prayers and meditation sessions to life
  • How these laws are affecting your stress and anxiety levels today

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One comment on “TAGP 40: The 7 Laws Of The Mind You Must Understand

  1. mohammed Dec 1, 2016

    hi dennis i realy like y podcast need only to apply it. i been following u podcasts snd other podcast im getting confused alitte bit..4 yreass ago i started to have panic attack i wad givin cipralex and xanax for 2 years i stopped bxz side effects then everything came back .. for 2 years i struggeled with panic attack untill i defeat it.. but later it started in something else i think like whr happend to u.. in morning i wake up freeling depressed then i start to have fear to go out then all kind of anxiety symptoms comes constantly 24 hrs. when ever i go i fear fear of losing control or die or faint even when im sitting in my room i have fear of die .and of caurse depersonalisation never left me alone even when i chat with anybidy .. i talked to doctor he said its anxiety .. u panic attavks is over wht i have is anxiety as long as the symptoms is persist 24 hours.. well i been doing wht u hwve recommended .. pushing my self ..ignore the fear and ignore the stmptoms . focusing outward.. but i have noticed everything is getting worse . the fear getting more .symoptoms more and more depersonalisation ..i di accept .. i know lije dr claire said dont test u anxiety and compare today with yesterday . wht wht in seeing is getting worse . fear is getting huge . and fear of physical symtoms tht persist is causeing me more fear.. so i dont kniw wht i have now … is it health anxiety or constant panic .. or its just mixed between panic and anxiety.. the thing tht i do know wht i have is not panic atracck bcz it last only for mintutes. wht i have is 24 hoyurs daily for 3 years.. most of things i have same whr i have.. maybe everyione recovers in differernt time . or i need to do more effrot i dont know. enlight me dennis