TAGP 115: Overcoming The Age Of Learned Helplessness and Anxiety

May 7, 2018

“We’re Living In The Age Of Learned Helplessness, But You Don’t Have To Be A Part Of The Herd.”

Learned helplessness and anxiety go hand in hand, many times accompanied by depression as well. Learned helplessness is a feeling that follows the mindset of ‘no matter what I do, or how hard I try, I’ll fail or not reach my goal anyway.’

“Learned Helplessness Is A Heavy Bag That People Carry Around With Them Daily, In That Bag Resides Past Failed Results, And Experiences That Yell Out Not Enough.”

People suffering from anxiety and depression can attribute to past or recent experiences where they’ve put themselves in situations to progress internally, but sabotage their progress due to the core belief connected to learned helplessness. Many people have it, and many people affect others with it.

This doesn’t have to be you though. What’s learned can be unlearned but you must understand a few very important principles which I share in today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast, as well as commit fully to a CBT based method for anxiety and depression.

“You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned.”

You’ll also notice that learned helplessness starts with an idea. That idea, that snowball that started out small in the form of ‘not enough’ grew through experiences and self fulfilling prophecies. It’s like legs that continue growing underneath the core idea or belief.

This inner challenge can also be attributed to accepting others opinions and beliefs about you. You took it on, you internalized it, and you kept unconsciously finding things that fit with that label. Let me tell you something though, labels don’t have too be held on for life. They can change, as soon as you decide that they must.

Episode #115 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast Includes:learned helplessness and anxiety help

  • Principles to start shifting learned helplessness to learned helpfulness
  • Where this cycle manifests from and what keeps it alive
  • How learned helplessness and anxiety go hand in hand

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6 comments on “TAGP 115: Overcoming The Age Of Learned Helplessness and Anxiety

  1. Vidya Srini May 7, 2018

    This was most needed for me, so relevant. Dennis, suddenly things seem to be progressive. Such guidance in many years. Thanks so much.

  2. Rebecca May 8, 2018

    Shared this with my mother she fits this learned helplessness and very much blames herself for everything she never looked at things the way you set it out in this podcast.

  3. mohanned May 11, 2018

    hi dennis yes wht im having now is helplrssness..yes for sure…when i was kid my parents would overreact ..never trust me me always scaring me showing me im not worth it ..cannot do athing ….i dont trust my self i have no confident on my self …so tht why i get frustrated easily ..most of symptoms of anxiety gone.. just one remain which is i feel always fatigue ..i feel ill lose control and collapse
    .which made me heplessness now .. its like u are eith me dennis in my life anything is happying to me now .u went through it .. thx u are a very sipportive