Life After Health Anxiety

September 2, 2014

A question I get almost daily as a mentor for people suffering from crippling health anxiety is:


What Is Life After Health Anxiety Really Like?


My answer each and every time is truly the most truthful answer I could possibly give, ‘it’s incredible.’ The recovery process for health anxiety sufferers should be based solely around the idea of reconditiong. But not just mental and emotional reconditioning, but physical as well. The video 6 steps to stop GAD caused by health anxiety is a great place to start, but like I say to many health anxiety sufferers, I can only bring you to the well of water, it’s up to you to drink from it.


Recovery From Health Anxiety Takes Knowledge, But More Importantly It Takes Courage All the knowledge in the world can’t help you recover from health anxiety, and your hypochondriac state. Take the thousands if not millions of people worldwide who spend years going in and out of therapy. It’s truly a crime, and sad to see. At what point does the therapist say this is not working, it’s time to look elsewhere for answers.

Without Solid Rapport With A Therapist, No Progress For Health Anxiety Will Be Made. Why? Because hypochondriacs need someone to lean on, some inspiration, some push in the right direction, some belief in them that a way out is not only possible but will happen in the shortest amount of time possible. There is no recovery without sheer emotion! Out of the 6 powerful steps i’m known for outlining for health anxiety sufferers that worked for me, the most crucial step could possibly be step 5:


Accepting Setbacks On Your Road To Recovery.


Reason being, health anxiety sufferers don’t see the positive times during their recovery process. They are mostly focused on the negatives, and how bad things have been for them on that day. This is what keeps the health anxiety cycle alive and well. But what if the focus was turned from not judging progress from day to day, but from time to time? Simply letting things be the way they go, and knowing they are on the right track no matter how many setbacks occur.


Nothing Builds Strength And Perseverance More Than The Recovery Process From Debilitating Health Anxiety


The great thing is once you begin accepting setbacks such as panic attacks, fearful thoughts that appear out of nowhere, and the time to time uncomfortableness that comes with health anxiety, you begin building confidence. With confidence comes accomplishment. In my experience this can only be achieved by applying the knowledge that is already implanted in a hypochondriacs mind from days, weeks, and months of gaining information about their health anxiety condition. Because let’s be honest:


You Are Already Incredibly Educated About Your Anxious Condition, Aren’t You? I mean if you’re anything like I was during my years with health anxiety, you surf the web frantically all the time! Searching for answers for that lump in the throat feeling, that numbness in your arms, or even that tingling in your ear (hard to believe this one, but it’s true).


Many people can’t believe the section through the end the anxiety program called ‘what is keeping your health anxiety alive’ simply because most of it is unconscious. The daily grind, and doing what we think may be right in order to rid ourselves once and for all of health anxiety, could be the very thing that is keeping it all alive. But in closing, life after health anxiety was very foreign for me at first. It felt like unknown territory. But the more I got comfortable with doing things freely from the tight hold of health anxiety, the more I loved every second, and so will you.


How do you deal with your health anxiety fears on a daily basis? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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