TAGP 25: To Love Or Hate The Anxiety Guy Podcast?

August 15, 2016
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In episode #25 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I get deep. To be honest, I get lots of great email responses from people through this website, and on the Facebook page. But I also get lots of criticism. Why you ask? I think it’s because people believe that there is only one set solution for anxiety. What is that path that we’re told we must take if we suffer from anxiety, or other mental health challenges?

Medication And Therapy!

Look, as you’ll see in this podcast episode I admit the mental health professionals are good at helping people with anxiety disorders. But there’s also a place for a good success story that can create even deeper (and quicker) changes in people.

Why you may ask? because inspiration, connection, and passion is what drives change!

If you’re mental health professional is looking at you like some kind of 100 dollar bill, just waiting to book your next appointment, run! You are not there to spend years of your time and hard earned money just talking about your anxiety.

You are in this position because you’ve made some links in your brain that remind you daily that the world is a dangerous place. Guess what, those links can be broken faster than you know. your identity is not anxiety, you are a person, you deserve more…


You know what I found to be great tool against anxiety? Anger. I remember the days I would yell and scream at my health anxiety character I made up in my head (he looked quite goofy). I remember holding up a white flag and surrendering to the giant that I had fed, helped grow, and eventually overtook every aspect of my life.

I go much deeper on this in the episode so hang tight. In this episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast you’ll learn about:

  • Why a mentor is so important to your recovery and beyond
  • How an open minded approach can help cure anxiety
  • Why I will always continue to help people no matter what

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5 comments on “TAGP 25: To Love Or Hate The Anxiety Guy Podcast?

  1. mohammed Aug 15, 2016

    Hi dennis…. go for it go for it..all i can say…never let anyone make you fall back from giving great tips. I have something to say to those people .. doctors even therapist never experince fear and anxiety itself.. all they have is studies and all they give pills tht makes u dependent and addicted beside ruing u kidney and liver.. they never explain wht u have just pills and get rid of u ..but u dennis and many other i been follow in websites been through anxiety and beat it by u selves..i realy have had lots of help from u and encouregment tht never doctors gave.. beside your technique is based on famous doctor dr claire weeks which is acceptance never fight patient let u body release and will cure itself.. no doctors no therapist wouls say tht .. just xanax prozac take then become dependent.. all we need we are sufferes fron anxiety is more patient thts we lack of.. the more we become patient the more comfidence we get then the more dissensitize from anxiety.. we dont need pills tht ruin our health and make us slave to it.. we have a saying in arabic ..ill try to explain it .. it say ask advice from someone been ill and cured him self bettre than ask advice from doctor.. not everything doctor or proffisional say is true ..sometimes u get benefit and knowledge from noneducated bettre than educated.. anyway just to say we all love u dennis u are good example for a surviver and keep on at the same track we all looking for your tips ..bythe way i recived dr claire week book hope and help today ill start reading it tomorow ..wish me luck and many thx

  2. mohammed Aug 17, 2016

    Hii dennis as cbt coatch.. my friends been telling me getting marriege and having a partner is could be cure to my anxiety.. wht do u think wht can woman do in u life …i asked therapist he told me its up to u to decide the time to have woman in u life and get married dont listen to others.. we as u anxiety former sufferer u know anxiety make u indicisive ..and u in unstable mood focuding on u self 24 hours. for me i feel im always scared of death something bad will happen. Make me dont have desire for a woman in my life.. by the way i came from islamic society which having gf is not allowed .u need wife mother will search then marry after short peroid. In 1996 i was having depression doctor recommended marriege i got married my depression got worse i ran away then divorce.. now im getting old 45… friends telling me to marry… bcz of my anxiety u know dennis wht anxiety makes u feel no interest in anything .. so on u experince u had u viance tht time was she a role in getting u recoverd . Thx hope this will helo others

    • I remember I dealt with having no emotions and no interest in anything. I had to consciously work on this to start actually ‘feeling’ anything again. The cycle would make anyone think they’re suffering from something physically serious.

  3. mohammed Aug 19, 2016

    Hi dennis. I started reading dr calire weeks book hope and help .. well fist i understand stand everything she said its like she is with me everythinh i suffer from i like her wisdom… accept float let time pasd all good and things im im doing.. but later i didnt like wht she said about taking sedatives which im completly against it bxz it cause addiction and many side effects… she said after acceptence u will face fear again of symtoms and panic then u need sedative and extra sadative also…. wht tht contraversail….. by taking sedative and then leaving safety zone actually u numbing u brain u stopping brain from sending massegess to u badu and calm u. And we are suppose to face the fear willlinglly not we are numb or crutch ..wht she said i did 6 years ago of caiurse with drugs will help but it will not reprograme u mind to face fears . How come and u mind is druged . Sorry but wht she said is foolish .. exposure should be without sedative . Should be gradually steo by step untill reprogrammed u mind tht there us no danger… by sedative u mind is drugged ..we need ti feal the fear not stooping brain from sending masseges to body.. realy i feel disappointed with her ..she was tailkng nice things about acceptance float let time pass. But when she mentioned tranqulizer even with small dosage i changed my mind about her..i have lot of my friends fully recoverd without drugs.. for me drugs means i give up and let pills controls my life and mood . We want to control ourselve not druges even for short time . Its chemicals playing in u mind blocking u emotionns .. sorry i realy feel disappointed i realy dont want carry on reading her book. I prefer to stuck with u dennis and u techniques without drugs bettre from prevoius sufferre bettre than doctors that deal with drugs and chemicals .. tell me about u point of view bcz i realy feel sad about tht book thx