Why Making Mistakes Are So Important

June 18, 2016

Growing up in a household where every small mistake was punished didn’t help me in my adulthood. As a tennis prodigy growing up winning was everything. Missing a forehand was met with a face of disgust on the sidelines by my father and coach. But little did I see how it affecting me in my late 20’s, my anxiety was directly due to the same outlook!

When I came to this realization I wondered why? Why was I beating myself up for constructive feedback by others towards me? Why was I so hard on myself, a so called perfectionist. I really wasn’t perfect at anything, so this all made no sense to me.

It’s because most of us live a life on auto-pilot. We don’t take the time to observe. Observe what you Say? These three very important points:

  • How do I react to others negative comments, and emotions when I’m around them
  • What is the root cause of living a life thinking the worst is behind every corner
  • What must I do today to begin chasing these self destructive habits

Because in the end they’re just that, habits. Habits are built, and habits can be replaced with different ones. Your life today is a direct result of your habits you’ve decided to maintain throughout the years. It has nothing to do with someone else, it’s all you.

Now at first this may seem a little harsh. but understand this; Where you will be in your life 1 year from now depends on how you react to the mistakes you make until then, and how determined and consistent you are when it coms to changing your rituals and habits.

In the comment section I want to know what type of things you beat yourself up over. Are you in a constant state of fear and anxiety due to being a perfectionist? Let’s hear it…

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4 comments on “Why Making Mistakes Are So Important

  1. I’m in constant judgement of myself. I never feel good enough. I don’t know how to be better because even when I work harder on myself it’s still never good enough.

  2. Fear of dying to overweight . I had 5 family members my age pass.. Perfectionist im a music producer and its career change time… I feel like I dont have alot of time left so im afraid to sleep

    • Start creating new positive links, and rid yourself of the fears you currently have. It all boils down to our inner programming.