TAGP 174: 5 Messages You MUST Stop Feeding Yourself And Others Starting Today

February 11, 2019

“Ask Yourself, What’s My Relationship With Myself Like?”

On today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast we’ll be focusing on how you’re communicating with yourself and others lately. This vital component to anxiety recovery demands a steady flow of proper language and commitment. Since thoughts and words are energy we must dedicate ourselves to building a beautiful foundation around ‘proper’ thinking within, as well as empowering verbal language with others.

Your progress over anxiety is determined by what thoughts you attach to and how you communicate with others

You may be thinking; ‘no wonder I feel like an anxious wreck lately.’ It’s not our thoughts that create our emotional states and our external realities, it’s the thoughts we give the most attention and priority to. Combine this with what sort of things get discussed the most with your friends and family and we have a cocktail related to self mastery, or self destruction.

In the end the choice really is ours. We don’t have to continue living through the limited programs that were set within us since childhood. Our parents were doing the best they could, blaming others doesn’t move us forward one bit. So it’s best to replace blame with understanding, and a firm commitment to new belief systems and communication language.

Responsibility breeds empowerment!

Taking responsibility for your current emotional challenges may feel highly challenging, but it’s necessary in todays world. Simply because we must become our own therapists and life coaches, our own nutritionists and doctors, and healers. We must continue to strengthen our self awareness around what works and what doesn’t, what conditioning harms and what conditioning helps.

Today on the anxiety guy podcast we’re discussing:

  • Why changing your thinking patterns can be so challenging
  • Why your verbal communication means so much on the path towards anxiety recovery
  • How to begin re-framing your past limiting conditioning

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4 comments on “TAGP 174: 5 Messages You MUST Stop Feeding Yourself And Others Starting Today

  1. mohanned Feb 11, 2019

    u are right completely u are talking just like u are sitting with me now dennis..u are reading my mind.. yes i never been committed to cbt only 3 session .. always say nobody understand me.. god punishes me.. so tht why im still in the cycle..in fact cycle getting worse.. from now on ill conninue cbt and give it time and same time taking informations from u podcast and ill be kind to my self .nevwr say people never understand and ill change my prespective about god . yes its a lesson maybe things in my life needed to ne fixed and god given me anxiety to mend somethings .. thumps up dennis

  2. Darlene Feb 11, 2019

    Wow. Had to listen to this twice snd captured more valuable insight each time. Thank you 🙏🏻