Motivation Monday For All Health Anxiety Sufferers

May 26, 2014


A reminder to you, the one suffering from health anxiety.

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4 comments on “Motivation Monday For All Health Anxiety Sufferers

  1. So is health anxiety the same thing as hypochondria?

    • Agoraphobia can be a manifestation of health anxiety dark horse. But in my experience working with people with anxiety disorders, the connection is deeper towards social anxiety. A symptom can definitely be a reason to stay in the ‘safe zone’ though.

      • ah yeah. I find i still have problems with my “safe zone” and trying to break out of not confined to my apartment anymore, but i still find that going far distances beyond it still freaks me out

        • I’d like to help you break free of this limiting fear. If you’ve got the will, I’ve got a systematic desensitization section in my program that I’d like to share with you. Just send me your email and I’ll run you through it 🙂