TAGP 92: 3 Powerful Ways To Reverse Negative Thinking Patterns

November 27, 2017

Be Vigilant, Guard Your Mind Against Negative Thoughts. – Buddha

how to stop negative thinking patterns Negative thinking will never give you a positive life. We know the rule but for some reason we find it difficult to shift our thinking all together, until today. In episode #92 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I want to peel the onion when it comes to negative thinking patterns, and reveal the unconscious anchors that hold us back from moving forward.

It’s Not That I Never Get Negative Thoughts Anymore, I Just Have An Ability To Re-focus My Attention On The Thoughts That Will Serve Me Better, Quickly.

One of the biggest contributors to this shift in thinking for me was coming to the understanding that I had the ability to choose. Choosing what thought I built on further, and what thought I rejected gave me the power to move my life in a new direction. This is what I want to teach you today.

The 3 ways I mention in this podcast on how to reverse negative thinking patterns should be a goal you implement this entire week, and hopefully carry forward for the rest of your life as new habits. Having a powerful structure, a method such as this one will be slightly foreign at first. Because it uses up a certain amount of internal resources, most people live on auto-pilot without any kind of conscious awareness, so they associate thinking to pain.

Following The Way The Rest Of The Herd Thinks Will Always Get You The Same Results As Everyone Else.

We must break out of the norm, we must gain control over our perceptions, our feelings, and our beliefs. So in today’s episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we dive deep into:

  • Where negative thinking patterns originate from
  • What unconscious factors keep these negative thinking patterns alive
  • How to separate your day to send new signals to your entire system to promote positive change

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