6 Ways Of Dealing With New Year Resolutions While Having Depression

January 11, 2018

“As Long As You’re Making Progress, It Doesn’t Matter How Slow You Go.”

Making and following through on New Year’s resolutions is a heartwarming process that many of us aspire towards. However, we need to remember that the process of even choosing different New Year resolutions requires characteristics like drive, clarity, and a positive outlook towards life. Hence, the concept of New Year resolutions in itself is a flawed one for people with depression as depression sufferers usually lack self-esteem and other positive characteristics.

Here are some keys on dealing with New Year resolutions while having depression:

  1. Understand that changing one’s behavior is not a straight path. It needs lots of planning, self-management, and self-control especially if anxiety also exists. If depression sufferers have lots of things going on in their lives, then it is best to avoid or postpone the resolutions for the time being.
  2. Question yourself on the kind of changes you would really like to see in yourself. Avoid asking others for suggestions; an idea that comes from within will have more meaning to you over the suggestions of someone else.
  3. Ensure that the resolution is realistic. If the end goal is unrealistic  you may fail to follow through and that will result in further emotional pain, lowered self-esteem, and an escalation of depression.
  4. Ensure that the goal is specific and not vague. For example, instead of making the New Year resolution something like ‘I’ll join a gym and get fit,’ say ‘I’ll join a gym, workout 4 times a week at these specific times with Tracy.’
  5. Take baby steps as you progress towards the goal, and monitor the process. You may seek the support of others and even keep cheering and egging yourself on. Such reinforcements of support and help, every now and then will ensure that you do not give up or deviate. Also, make sure that you reward yourself for every small step of success towards the goal.
  6. Be patient. Any kind of significant behavioral change tends to increase irritability and aggression. This can have an adverse impact on your near and dear ones. Hence, it is a good option to keep your friends, family, and co-workers in the loop about what you are trying to achieve.

It’s important to remember that it is not an iron-clad New Year resolution. If you are not able to follow through on a certain goal, due to any reason whatsoever, allow yourself to let go and gain the lesson from that experience (and also watch this video for anxiety sufferers looking to end the cycle in 2018). All of us fail and there is no shame in accepting failure.

As the saying goes, one can only understand the true meaning of success when one has met failure. Also, failure can teach you something valuable and allow you to make necessary corrections to a new, better path towards the goals you deserve so much.

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