If You Do Only One Thing For Your Anxiety, Do This

February 1, 2018

“Learn To Look At The Bright Side, And The Bigger Picture.”

Anxiety can be quite a distressing mental condition and there are many things that can be done to manage and control it. But if there is just one thing to do for your anxiety, that one thing should be learning to change the perspective on what’s causing anxiety.

Most anxiety sufferers I work with are preprogrammed to finding something ‘bad’ in all possible scenarios, thereby leading to increased negativity, fear, worry, and stress and the worsening of anxiety.

Whether such a preprogrammed mindset is related to fear or long-term visions of safety is not the question to ask. The correct question to ask is how long can anxiety sufferers continue to keep thinking about a ‘bad’ outcome for just about every possible situation!

CBT for health anxiety help

Since anxiety is something that cannot be simply controlled, it is possible to overlook a sufferer being in an anxious state of mind. However, existing in such a state, each day, every day, cannot be deemed as something uncontrollable. The dangerous history of humans has caused us to naturally evolve into beings who see the world through a mirage of negative possibilities. It is an essential part of our preparedness for the worst, even if worrying over something finally results in nothing drastic.

Even though the above is true, anxiety sufferers need to realize that unnecessary worrying about the future is not going to prevent bad outcomes. The only thing that can be controlled is the reaction to such worrying and fear !

It is possible to overcome all the fears and worries linked to the vicious cycle of anxiety by choosing to have a different perspective. Changing one’s perspective on the causes and other aspects of anxiety is not an easy process. But it is definite worth all the effort that you put in through proven methods for anxiety such as CBT and NLP.

In most cases, anxiety sufferers experience worry, stress, and anxiety about a few daily situations which may go wrong. Such situations then consume all their thoughts and become the focus of a chaotic fast-paced hectic day, eventually resulting in increased stress, worry, anxiety, and fear.

This vicious cycle repeats every day and it is mostly driven by the perspective and mindset of the sufferer.

Anxiety suffers need to realize that their mindset is one of the major causes of repetitive and unending anxiety! It is possible to overcome the problematic mindset by working on changing their focus and viewing the world through a different pair of lenses.

Instead of over worrying about what all could go wrong about the few events in your day, you should focus to the innumerable number of things in your past that you thought could go wrong, but didn’t, and then channel your thoughts and energies into all the things that are going right in your life.

It’s important to remember that the way one thinks and feels about themselves and their lives is primarily fueled by the mindset. Thus, changing your perspective to anxiety and its causes can help you feel more positive about yourself and your abilities to do well in all situations.

The process of consciously changing your perspective is not a linear road. It will take time, but the results will be joyous!

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