How To Put An Exercise Plan Together To Beat Chronic Anxiety

May 26, 2016

People have never lived as fast as they do today. But fast lifestyles bring consequences and it seems that these consequences mostly affect one’s health. General Anxiety Disorder or GAD is often named as the illness of the 21st century since more and more people are suffering from it. And this condition is not only affiliated with middle-aged people but also with young people including even teenagers.

What Is GAD and How to Treat It?

GAD is a disorder that makes people excessively worried. In most cases, people affected by chronic anxiety will suffer from more than one thing and most common reasons are money, health, work, facing everyday obstacles, and so on. Some of the symptoms include insomnia, headaches, easy startle response, fatigue, irritability, trembling, muscle tension, inability to relax, twitching and feeling out of breath. Of course, not all people who experience some of these symptoms suffer from chronic anxiety.

But if the symptoms continue to show for a longer period such as six months then their diagnose is probably the GAD. Some people may have mild or even moderate symptoms that will not prevent them from taking care of everyday responsibilities. But it is easy to notice these individuals since they usually anticipate the worst case scenario. They always believe that something bad will happen which will prevent them from reaching the set goals. Those who are affected harder by GAD will require professional help. In most cases, their doctors will prescribe them some medications and antidepressives.

They will probably make their life easier at first, but in future, it may affect their health. That is why people usually seek for natural and healthier ways of dealing with this condition.

Treating Chronic Anxiety With Regular Exercise

Since anxious people worry about almost everything they go through, no matter if the issue is irrelevant or minor, experts and researchers decided to investigate and explore the ways for reducing anxiety and treating this health problem in a natural way. That is why universities and institutes around the world have started conducting research on chronic anxiety, and all of them agree on one thing: meditation and exercise are the keys to decreasing anxiety or even getting rid of it entirely.

For that reason, anyone who feels anxious and perhaps who suffers from chronic anxiety should put together an exercise plan and stick to it as much as possible. So, pay attention to the following activities, and find your own way for treating chronic anxiety.

The first and most significant rule is never to stay inactive.

Since physical inactivity contributes to increasing anxiety, you have to decide strongly to beat your issue with regular exercising. Experts state that even in cases when inactivity is not the reason for your anxiety, it can, and in most cases it will just make it worse. Regular exercise and activity have the same effect as the medication your doctor would gladly prescribe you, so make sure you rather choose the first one.

But, how to put together an exercise plan that would fit you and your body? Well, to start with, you need to be aware that every start is hard, and that your body needs to get used to the exercise you are to perform on a regular basis.

Moreover, there are certain pieces of advice you need to take into consideration. For instance, aerobic exercise like swimming, running or driving a bike are more advisable than anaerobic exercise such as weight lifting. Hence, you may have a combination of biking and running one week, and swimming and biking the other week.

Walking is also an excellent exercise for chronic anxiety, and so is playing relaxed sports.

That is why experts recommend having an active week with various activities implemented. For instance, one day you can spend walking everywhere, the other day can pass with riding a bike, the next one with just stretching, and the rest of the week with playing badminton, football, baseball and bowling. You should always mix different activities so that you don’t get bored while doing them.

Next, should you decide on the aerobic exercise, you need to stay persistent for at least 12-15 weeks. Exercise programmes that last for shorter periods have not given good results when it comes to beating anxiety. And what is more, you should spend at least 30 minutes daily doing your exercise.

Once you get tired of all the aerobic exercises you have planned to perform, you need to keep moving. This will surely free your endorphin and decrease the possibility of becoming anxious again.

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