TAGP 36: The Positive Sides To Your Anxiety

October 31, 2016

anxiety sufferers podcast on iTunes“Confidence and courage come through preparation and practice.”

Episode #36 of The Anxiety Guy podcast looks at the very important, and often un-noticed positive sides of anxiety. You may be thinking how the heck can there be a positive side to this feeling. The truth is anxiety is a very normal, and common response in today’s day and age.

Our ancestors needed to be on high alert all the time due to the constant dangers of their outside world. A saber-toothed tiger creeping around the corner for example. But in today’s world it’s much more uncommon to come in contact with life threatening dangers in our daily life.

The Problem Is That We Don’t Realize That Our Feelings, Many Times, Get Interpreted As Real Facts! So We Respect Them, And Act On Them.

The nice thing about anxiety, is we can use it. We can use it for fuel and motivation during a speech we have to give, and we can see the good it can bring into our lives. We can notice and give thanks to anxiety for saving us from life threatening situations.

The only thing we need to do is recognize where that tipping point is. If we feel anxiety becoming chronic, it’s time to change the patterns that cause the behaviors we experience through a CBT method.

In This Episode Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We’ll Dive Deep Into:

  • A new perspective on our anxiety
  • The positives we can notice to take off some of the pressure NOT to experience anxiety
  • The one most important tool anxiety gives us daily

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2 comments on “TAGP 36: The Positive Sides To Your Anxiety

  1. mohammed Oct 31, 2016

    hi dennis.. yes its true there are many positive things about having anxiety.. for me i have changed ..i used to be man who makes jokes at people.. i would make v quiek dicisions .. i would spend my money for things i dont need .. but when i started to have panic attacks and anxiety disorder for 3 years i have became another person … my friends telling me now i talk v seriously . i think before i act . i became very carefull with spendind money. . but anxiety made me indesicive …when i want buy something my mind plays tricks .maybe its a good thing not like before soending money for something i dont need .. and i agree with u people eith anxiety are v carrying .. i know my self im v carrying person i have huge love and emotions are hiddens inside me needs to be let out.. i care about people i feel sympathy with them. but how can i use the fear tht sometimes controls me as fuel to take advantege of anxiety.. i wake up every morning with depressiob then fear of going out and physical symptoms 24 hours it get high then reduces .. how can i use the fear as fuel.. i push my self out but still belive in anxiety and something bas will happen but at the end of the day i accomplish many things.. but still want know the key to use my anxiety as motivation and to develpe my self .. enlight me .. thx v nice podcast

  2. Britanica Nov 11, 2016

    I have never looked at my anxiety as a positive thing. Many times one panic attack will leave me with agoraphobia for months and I just hide. It is an awful thing to go through. However, this is really making me think. If I am able to grasp what is going on, I can actually use this and help people and empower them… I had never thought of that before, seriously!