Is It Possible To Stop An Anxiety Disorder Naturally?

November 20, 2014

Here’s a great question that I get daily, and I thought I would tackle head on today with my readers here. How can you truly stop an anxiety disorder, well the answer just might surprise you. It will surprise you because during my 6 year battle with an anxiety disorder, I felt there was no hope…

I Struggled Day And Night Looking For A Cure To My Anxiety Disorder, But Missed One Crucial Thing

That one thing that I needed to stop an anxiety disorder was the ability to get my mind out of the way, and end the cycle of adding fear to fear. Let me explain:
When regular people who don’t suffer from an anxiety disorder go through their day, they experience a stressful situation, but have the ability to step away from adding to the initial fearful thought, hence moving on to something else. We who have experienced and are trying to stop an anxiety disorder do the opposite:

We Notice The Very Thing That Causes Us To Stress, We Imagine The Worst Possible Outcome, We Add More Fear On Top Of The Initial Fear, And Eventually End Up With Problems That Weren’t Even There In The First Place!

Anyone out there who is trying to stop an anxiety disorder also knows the physical toll that anxiety plays on the body. Some call it adrenal fatigue, others call it chronic fatigue syndrome, I call it an overactive mind.

If only people who were trying to stop an anxiety disorder understood better the connection between the mind, and the fatigued body. They would see that when desensitization begins, the anxious mind begins the process of peace. When the process of peace begins, the body can heal itself as it is naturally supposed to do so.

Paving The Way To Overcome Any Fatigue And Exhaustion Issues That Are Caused By An Anxiety Disorder. If you can condition yourself to doubt, fear, avoid… you can also pave the way towards experiencing a state of calm and feeling nurtured. You can now see how the natural process of healing anxiety becomes so obstructed due to the fear standing in the way. If you are trying to stop an anxiety disorder understand this:

“When Fear, Avoidance, And Confusion Is Removed From A Person, The Road To Natural Healing Takes It’s Course.”

The Truth: Our parasympathetic nervous system has a duty to bring the body back to a normal functioning level once the perceived danger leaves us. So when we embark on a plan to stop an anxiety disorder naturally through a tool that brings peace and calm back to the body, we are subconsciously bringing towards us the effects of the parasympathetic nervous system.

When this is constantly applied, the mind and body positively overwhelms the ever-increasing spiral of anxiety that so many people find themselves caught in. In closing, understand that to stop an anxiety disorder you must tip the scales towards feelings of confidence, and success against anxiety, over the feelings of failure. But also understand that this doesn’t mean you’ll never experience anxiety again. You will however be equipped to stop your anxiety in its tracks when and if that time ever comes. So yes, it is possible to stop an anxiety disorder naturally and I am proof of this.

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8 comments on “Is It Possible To Stop An Anxiety Disorder Naturally?

  1. Keith Dec 1, 2014

    I think if people read through this post and a couple other posts they can see that it is something that can be beat naturally.

    • Breaking old anxious habits will always be a challenge. But with the right tools and support incorporated consistently change is inevitable

  2. Louise Dec 3, 2014

    Amazing and inspiring blog!! It’s such a relief not feeling alone while struggling with anxiety:) Kind regards Louise

  3. Pamela Dec 11, 2014

    Suffering with severe anxiety & dont know what to do 4 yrs iv,e suffered.

    • The Anxiety Guy Dec 11, 2014

      I’m sorry to hear that Pamela. There are a few options that can get you moving in the right direction away from anxiety.

  4. I am going to go out on a limb and say that you can. You have a great success story here and one that could motivate many!