3 Ways To Reduce Anxiety Through The Power Of Your Mind

May 25, 2017

“The Mind Is Everything, What You Think You Become.” – Buddha

All of us go through periodic bouts of anxiety. Extreme or prolonged anxiety can however adversely affect the daily life. The mind is very powerful and anxiety often gets triggered by what the mind is thinking. In most cases, our thoughts and not extrinsic situations are responsible for our anxiousness.

Calming down the mind is thus one of the best ways to alleviate anxiety. Presented below are 3 ways to reduce anxiety through the power of your mind.

1. Accept current situations and focus on the good in life

  • Acceptance of the current circumstances or the factors that are causing anxiety is one of the best ways to ease anxiousness. Try accepting any stressful thought or situation just as they are and that will help cope better. Acceptance of current circumstances not only brings peace, but also increases understanding of the situation and helps find solutions to the stress/anxiety causing problems and thoughts.
  • Acceptance of specific situations is not akin to tolerating it; it is in fact a method by which patients use power of mind to increase focus on controllable options rather than on those which cannot be controlled. Focusing on all the bad things in life is bound to cause anxiety. As opposed to this focus on all the things that are currently working well increases thankfulness towards life and generates positive feelings.
  • Whenever anxious thoughts occur, use the power of your mind and divert focus on all the aspects of life that are going well instead of getting trapped in thoughts about things that are going bad. This will put you in positive and joyous mood and provide you the motivation and energy to make fruitful modifications in life.

2. Do not over-analyze and stay put in the present

  • Focusing on uncontrollable factors or thoughts about the future are often the cause of anxiety. The same is the case with excessive analysis or thoughts about any event or events in life.
  • It is ok to think about certain events in life, but repetitive thoughts about the situation will most likely result in anxiety. If you find yourself going over and over about certain life events, then use the power of your mind to distract it. It can be done by doing something creative, meditation, reading a book, or watching a movie.
  • As opposed to thoughts about the unforeseen/uncontrollable future, awareness about the present situation allows more control of life and generates a sense of calmness and peace. If anxiety about the future begins creeping in, then use the power of your mind to become more aware of the current moment. This can be done by increasing focus on the current environment. Pointing out about 8 things in your present surroundings with help divert focus on the present, away from the worrisome future.

3. Visualize desirable future outcomes

  • Use the power of the mind to escape from anxiety to a gorgeous beach or other desirable destinations via visualization. Anytime you are beset by anxiety, take a deep breath and begin visualizing the future as being one where all things are running smoothly. Visualization can help trick the mind into relaxing and feeling uplifted, thereby easing anxiety.

The mind can be our greatest tool or our worst enemy. It really depends on the habits we pursue, and whether we allow our thoughts to overtake our emotions and behaviors. Make the choice to stand guard at the doorway of your mind today, and begin the change in your life.

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