TAGP 45: Are We All Programmed For Anxiety?

January 2, 2017

You’ll Never Find Peace Of Mind Until You Listen To Your Heart – George Michael

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself if we were all just simply programmed for anxiety? We know that our internal processes kick starts the fight or flight response in moments of danger. We know how important this system was for our ancestors, but in today’s world with the growing number of mental health challenges, do we really have any control whatsoever over our anxiety levels?

“I Spent 8 Months In Therapy Talking About My Anxiety. I Realized That The More I Talk About My Anxiety, The More It Stuck Around!”

In episode #45 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast i want to share some of the myths behind mental health. I also want to help anxiety sufferers out there today understand the degree to which you have control over your own mind and decisions you make.

Your core beliefs run the show in your reality

Basically the meat, the kingpin to your belief system lies in your subconscious mind. The greater the understanding is of how it works and why it works, the closer we get to desensitizing ourselves from our current fears. I also want to show you what has worked so well for my clients I work with 1 on 1 recently, and what hasn’t worked for them in the past.

In This Episode Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We Move Closer To Understanding:

  • Where your mind actually gets the thoughts it does
  • What you can do to lessen your worries around your symptoms of anxiety
  • What habits you’re unconsciously taking part in that are keeping your programmed for anxiety

Please download this episode and share this with others who are in need of help for anxiety. 



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7 comments on “TAGP 45: Are We All Programmed For Anxiety?

  1. mohammed Jan 5, 2017

    hii dennid hope u doing we…….i seen u podcast 44 and 45 its new information i have got from it.. first i been struggling with i think plenty of setbacks.. i been in control they all of sudden everything started to gettin worse.. when i wake up in morning i feel depressed want to cry.. then i have sever fear feeling with physical symptoms.. it reduces after 15 mintes then fear and physical symptoms comes again whole the day..depersinalisation become vv sever i know why bcz my anxiety is v high .even when im sleep depersonalisation comes givin me feeling tht in not me or someobe else.. i think i been useing well.. so tht why anxiety and fear never stopped and stay in same cycle ..i always say to my self i have to go out i have to do tht i go with fear i do lots of things i feel in the end of the dat i have achieved something yes its good . but next day everything come back worse.. i remmber u said in one podcast write down u acheivmemts write any succses u do . i do this next day .evertging i did like i never did.. even u said dont judge and test u self yes. im useing well power alot .. i seen u podcaat 44 45 about war and ship . i undestand i need ti change my self my habits my body lang..but there is one thind dr weeks said tht my case is im in sensitization state means vv high anxiety with my case i think i need to accept my case first work with it then not to judge. in my case u think to change anythig like my habit or anything will be hard bcz everytging is magnefys .. i dont know .. i been to therspist nothing new just make hobby make u self busy get girfriend..exta i dont want pills i had v bad experince and its not the solution. so wht do u think as former anxiety suffere thx dennis

    • Mohammed here’s what we need to understand. The unconscious mind has the cognitive rationale of a 10 year old. When you have a fearful tough, and you haven’t trained your unconscious, it acts like a 10 year old fearful and running for the hills. When an event comes up that we’re not qutite ready to deal with, the unconscious mind will get fearful and confused because it as never learned how to deal with the situation. Habits are only created after repetitive consistent practice of the new thinking patterns, and or the physical behaviors. I want you to consider beginning the end the anxiety program I feel it will work for you as it has for many. yes it costs money, yes it is a CBT based approach, and yes if you commit to it and understand it at the core of your being, it will change you. Here is the link: https://theanxietyguy.com/my-program/

      • mohammed Jan 8, 2017

        yes dennis no problem with money at all …i clicked already on the link it send me to pay pal.. it doesnt ask about my full adress only post office … we dont have like theses in our country .. tell me if there is easier way i can older from amazon or any website tht i pay then download the programe on my computer of phone .. need easire way thx

  2. Sammy Jan 5, 2017

    I spoke to a woman once who told me that whatever I think in my mind, it will manifest in my life. I never understood that till now. It makes so much sense! When we are always worrying, our bodies will worry with us! So I guess a huge step to getting out of the cycle of anxiety is to clear the mind and think positive things, healthy and living things. Great podcast!