TAGP 57: The 6 Crucial Levels Of Psychological Development

March 27, 2017

psychological development strategy“We Are Not What Happened To Us, We Are What We Choose To Become.”

This week on The Anxiety Guy podcast we dig deep on what our inner needs are. The psychological development levels outlined in this episode are the stages a person goes through in their minds as they age. Some 60 years olds stay stuck in level 2, which cries out for power and control over their lives. And some 25 year olds find themselves in level 5, a place of purpose.

Get Ready To Learn A Little More About Yourself This Week Warriors!

Having a deeper understanding of someone’s developmental needs can help determine what goals, and learning outcomes they should set. As human beings we are unconscious creatures. We live our lives instinctively reacting to pain, fear, and joyful experiences as such. But at some point we must take note of what our true needs are and what direction our lives are headed.

“Take Control Of Your Mind, Take Control Of Your Life.”

Many anxiety sufferers go through the anxiety chapter in their lives looking for the next great technique. Something unique, the holy grail that eludes them for so long. Well, there is none I can tell you that from experience and from having worked with over 1000 people worldwide.

This weeks podcast episode will help you see the big picture. The anchors that are holding you back, and where you’ve been spending most of your time in life. My recognizing these patterns you can begin shaping a true strategy around your needs, accomplish your goals, and move onto the next level of psychological development.

3 Things We Will Be Looking Into This Week On The Anxiety Guy Podcast Are:

  • The biggest reason why you’re stuck in life and can’t find your path
  • How labels over the years have affected your psychological development
  • How you can begin shifting your perspectives in life starting today

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12 comments on “TAGP 57: The 6 Crucial Levels Of Psychological Development

  1. mohamed Mar 29, 2017

    hi dennis i would like to share small story i went through 3 days ago… will i was going to bed my heary starts palpetation soo hard i said its ok anxiety .. it last for 2 hours .u know wht happens bewilderment and fear.. i went to clinic just i wanted somr on to say im ok .. tht doctor he knew my story always encourigng me.. all of sudden he saif thts it im going to give u cipralex . i said why… he said bcz u tormening u self . i said cipralex not cure i been this and i stopped 4 years ago my body is clean.. he was talking to me like a kid .. then i reversed everything on him ..i said if it is cure i would take it but it will numb my brain and play in my mood .. .i told him im not going to give up 4 years of educating my self about anxiety and finally i give up and take pill.. my effort will gone with the wind. he said either u take pill or go back home and sleep. i said im not going to take pill ..and im not going home.. ill go out and enjoy my self .. actually i felt frustrated in the begging just like pill is my only choice but i said to my self .. no. iwant live normal life .. tht anxiety has a purpose it wants me to change .. i been senditive easy irritated noy responsible ..weak .. constant panic anxiety is maybe massege tht i need to change. my body said enough of worry enough of making things big .. thts it .. i hope im right with tht dennise

    • Absolutely. We can lok back and fret over how much time we lost, why we’re so anxious, why we can’t rise at any challenge. Or we can have a different outlook such as anxiety is molding me into a stronger person, I can use this to fuel me towards things I want to achieve. Your mind and body don’t care how you look at your struggles, it just wants guidance as to what to do with it, how to perceive it. All frames are equally true, so which ones will serve you in your life, that’s the question.

  2. Cheska J Apr 4, 2017

    Very informative podcast. I love the effort you’ve made to lay down for the listeners the levels of psychological development. Everything is a process and sometimes what you become is the sum of all those processes. Analyzing what you’ve become because of what does indeed aid you to identify what to address and what technique will best help you. I’m loving your blog! Keep up the good work Sir Dennis!

  3. Jamie Apr 6, 2017

    Great podcast on psychological development. Made some really eye opening points about why I feel so lost. I definitely feel like there’s a lot holding me back and I may even be using my anxiety and depression as a crutch that keeps me from moving forward. Got a lot of soul searching to do! Looking forward to future podcasts!

  4. Johnny Sep 17, 2017

    Oh Dennis, this is yet another great podcast here. You never stopped to amaze me with your contents; I always find them high informative and helpful that i make it a point of duty to recommend it to at least two people in a week. Because it has gretly helped me, I can’t just stop letting others also know about it,. Pls, keep up the good work here.

  5. Loretta Sep 19, 2017

    I discovered that my thoughts have a great influence on my mood. Psychologically it is a great challenge to keep my thoughts positive. I believe what the mind can coceive the body can achieve. Psychologically it is good to know how to take control of your thoughts because as a man thinks he will become.

  6. Maureen Sep 19, 2017

    I am a believer in the saying ” the map is not the teretery” meaning what you think about something is not always the truth. Psychologically this is very important because your thinking can either make you feel happy or it can make you anxious or depress eg. how you think about the labels in your life determines your emotional state.