Purchasing Anti-Anxiety Plans Online/ The Vultures VS The Visionaries

March 5, 2014

best anxiety support onlineI had to stop myself today and just think for a second, everything I’ve learned in my life until now usually came from another person (shocking right?). But in order to obtain most of the information I currently have stored into my inner computer (my brain), I had to pay someone for. The truth is this world is packed with people who have experienced hardships of some sort, and have now built up the experience and courage to teach others how to do something the best way possible.

95% of the information on anxiety plans I’ve purchased online, has come with little or no support or guidance. This is shocking to me because most of the time, people will run into roadblocks and when that happens we need answers…and fast! Take for example my 6 year struggle with an anxiety disorder. I spent amounts in the thousands just so I could get the latest miracle technique, or a program to stop anxiety completely online. But I was regularly met with one word answers to my questions (if I got a reply at all), and sometimes my name on the reply email wasn’t even correct. Now you know why so many anxiety ‘cures’ today just don’t work, because the anxiety group of individuals are sensitive, when someone says the wrong thing we shut them out, when something doesn’t work we look elsewhere, and when someone doesn’t keep their promise of helping us through the information they have provided to us we become discouraged. There are two types of people in this world:

best anxiety support onlineThe Vultures: The ones who think they know it all and try to take advantage of your unstable condition, and sell you something online that they preach will stop your anxiety disorder.

Visionaries: The ones who are on a mission to help each and every person through a properly set up plan, that includes the proper support and guidance to accompany a product.

I like to think The Anxious Athlete team is made up of visionaries. But my message to you today is to do your research, find a proper mentor who has been in your shoes and has come out of anxiety naturally. Don’t make the same mistake I made where I jumped from ‘solution’ to solution, if there isn’t a proper support system in place to help nudge you in the right direction when things get tough, it’s best to stay clear of those vultures.

Only 2 days left until the highly anticipated end the anxiety program 2.0 is revealed, created by visionaries of course 😉 follow for updates. 

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