The 4 Best Remedies For Your Fear And Stress

September 8, 2014

Have you ever ran into someone that has never experienced fear and stress in their lives? I can’t really say that I ever have. In fact most people that I come across lately are completely paralyzed by fear and anxiety without even really knowing it. They’ve gradually day by day let fear and anxiety creep into their lives and let it impact their relationships, health, career, happiness and basically their entire lives.

So Let Me Ask You These 4 Questions…

1) Are you in your present life feeling more like a caged monkey? You just can’t seem to break free of fear and stress no matter how hard you try?

2) Have you pretty much given into the pressures of life. Do you find yourself floating from one day to the next, one month to the
next and even years without accomplishing anything substantial in your life?

3) When you look back on your life, do you see more unpleasent and unhappy moments?

The Final And Most Important Question I Want To Ask You Is:

4) When you get spare moments throughout your days away from fear and stress, do you feel that you can’t seem to enjoy all the things you once used to?

If You’ve Answered Yes To Most Of Those Questions, Chances Are Fear And Stress Has Eaten Away At Your Life

So it’s essential that you begin implementing these 4 powerful tips not tomorrow, but today in order to start dealing with your fear and stress naturally:

1) Understand that fear and stress is an emotional reaction that you naturally have, to things that happen in your life. A reaction that you actually have total control over (as much as it may seem like you don’t right now). The truth is, if you begin today to start convincing yourself that you DO in fact control your response to fear and stress, you’ll begin to build momentum and belief in yourself. You’ll begin understanding that you truly CAN make natural changes to lower your fear and stress responses in your life.

2) Taking time for yourself. How tempting is it to always give in to your friends, children, social media sites and society. But when it all comes back to giving back to you, it’s always last priority. Understand this:

By Giving Up Your Personal Relaxation, Meditation Or Private Thinking Time You Are Not Benefitting Those People Around You

In the long run you are actually allowing more fear and stress into your life. This results in you being much less productive and effective to those important people that you care for.

3) Get Moving. I’m not asking you to become an instant addict to exercising. The problem with people who go through life in a cycle of daily stress and fear is that most of the time they live by the rule, all of nothing. The truth is that all you really need is to commit to a morning, lunch, or evening time where you walk 3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time. For some of you that prefer the gym, start with something you enjoy and build up an exercise regime in time.

The Important Thing Is To Enjoy Your Exercise Time, And Not Think Of It As A Struggle

If you truly want to curb the feelings of fear and stress, improve your personal image, gain energy, lose weight than it’s time to commit to 3 days a week. The great part is that exercise has been scientifically proven to produce chemicals in the brain that will help you naturally overcome feelings of fear and stress.

4) Self awareness is key. If you’ve lost a sense of what is truly most important in your life this may be contributing to the feelings of fear and stress. Practices such as meditation and yoga are incredibly powerful tools that are not only simple to learn, but can lead to a complete shift in you in a short amount of time. This shift will work from the inside outwards, and will alter the fear and stress balance in your life.

Most of the world is paralyzed by the inability to control fear and stress in their lives. This is such a common cycle that typically leads to a full blown anxiety disorder. This is the most destructive thing threatening peoples well being in today’s society.

I see changes in people I work with every single day, and if these people can create positive changes in their lives so can you. Change must come from within though, and I urge you to get so tired of living in a world of fear and stress that you make a clear decision. A decision to control your stress responses. Following the 4 principles laid out for you today will definitely lead you in a direction towards overcoming your limitations caused by fear and stress.

How do you manage fear and stress on a daily basis? Join the conversation, and share your comments in the section below.

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2 comments on “The 4 Best Remedies For Your Fear And Stress

  1. Britanica Sep 22, 2014

    I really enjoyed this post. I have found when I am more active, my anxiety isn’t as severe. What can I do about feeling disconnected? I often find myself feeling like life isn’t real. I am not sure if this is anxiety or what. I was sit here and think and everything feels like a dream. I get a complete disconnect from reality and feel like my own body isn’t real. Have you ever experienced this? Is this part of anxiety? It has been happening since my anxiety got bad 5 years ago. It is quite scary.

    • Sep 23, 2014

      Britanica depersonalization is a very real symptom of anxiety. It’s sort of a feeling of living in a bubble, and feeling like things are not real. Eventually this can manifest into other parts of your life and cause much confusion and frustration. Taking care of the mental fatigue that constant anxiety brings, will take care of this symptom in time.