Review/Tony’s Continued Progress Through The End The Anxiety Program

November 29, 2013


Hello everyone Tony here just a quick word from myself,

I have been struggling with GAD and major hypochondria for around two years, my first panic attack not long after splitting with a long term partner, I was driving my car at the time when my heart starting palpitating and skipping beats, I got a massive hot flush, light headed, cold, tingling limbs, it was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced.

Since then I have been having similar symptoms, light headedness, palls etc. After years of trying different coping methods, from subscribing to online programs paying a lot of money, to CBT, hypnotherapy, and alternative medicines, I came across the anxious athlete on YouTube. Now, being completely honest(sorry dennis) my first impression was, great, another scam! But at the time, I was in a deep depression and was trying to find anything to try and help and thought, bugger it, ill send him a message and see what bull he sends me back, if he does at all!!

The very next day I received an email back from Dennis, asking how I was, and how he could help… this was different from the rest as I would sent queries to other sites and I would receive a, “sign here and buy this” message. But Dennis was the complete opposite, I think I started emailing him round about july this year, and he gave me his Skype details to offer one on one advise which was great, this guys not a scam after all!!! 
So helpful to the point where we talked about his program and how he thought that it would help, and september I got the program.

Today, I am a completely different man, now I am not saying it was a miracle cure or anything, but hell, I have my confidence back at least so far after only two months of the program, I feel me again!!!! And let me tell you guys that is an amazing feeling after being in the dark for the past 2 years!!! You will find some of my video blogs online through anxious athlete page on YouTube, and i can even see my confidence levels shot through the roof between each video. Please send me a message if you would like a chat about your thoughts and where you are with GAD at the moment. All the best guys!!

“Never repeat a losing game”(slightly modified quote) 


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