TAGP 90: The #1 Root Cause Of Your Anxiety

November 13, 2017

the root cause of your anxiety“Every Brain is Wired Differently, And That Wiring Can Change Over Time.”

One bright summer day about 8 years ago at the peak of my anxiety disorder I sat at the end of a park bench and asked the universe two questions; ‘Why me?’ And ‘where did all this negative internal chatter come from!’ The universe didn’t reply that day, but my subconscious mind began the steps to reveal the answers in time.

I began brainstorming how I had wired my brain in such a way that anxiety always lurked around the corner. A pencil that was blue (same colour I focused on during my first panic attack) was enough to send me into a spiral of fight or flight responses, and it sucked.

“I Just Want To Be My Old Self Again!”

I yelled at the top my lungs later on that week, but my brain wasn’t easily convinced. The system that was my 3 brains starting with my Reptilian Brain (survival), my Mammalian Brain (emotions), and my Neo Cortex (rational/analytical brain) weren’t working together as they all saw things differently.

My reptile brain recognized a threat that sent signals to my emotional brain to release the stress hormones that were my fight or flight response, and as much as I tried to consciously fight back it was no use. The oldest part of my brain would be too strong and the symptoms of anxiety came fast and powerfully each time.

I Realized This Internal Conflict Was A Major Factor In My Anxiety

I had to find ways to stop fighting, start accepting, and begin understanding the cycle better. So I began looking deep into my patterns prior to anxiety, during, and after, and I came to an understanding of what didn’t work, and what I needed to do to stop the anxiety cycle once and for all.

In episode #90 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we’ll understand:

  • How internal conflict leads to prolonged anxiety
  • What patterns cause further internal conflict
  • What you can begin doing today to create better rapport between your conscious and unconscious mind

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4 comments on “TAGP 90: The #1 Root Cause Of Your Anxiety

  1. randy koteles Nov 15, 2017

    life changing podcast, dennis is the best!

  2. If only we were taught about the Reptilian brain from a very early age, how many less children would be placed on pharmaceuticals !

    • True story. A lack of reptilian brain knowledge has always led to such severe labels that stick with a person sometimes their entire lives.