TAGP 44: Secrets To Winning The War In Our Minds

December 26, 2016

healing minds podcast for anxiety sufferers“The Mind Is Everything, What You Think You Become.”

In episode #44 of The Anxiety Guy podcast, I want to take you guys on a journey. A journey into our minds. To show you some of the reasons for why so many people fail to overcome their mental health challenges. But I also want to show you how so many people succeed and create the change they want as well.

We Only Use 10% Of Our Minds

You’ve probaby heard this quote many times before. But have you ever wondered what it actually means? It means that most of the world, due to not being taught how to deal with their problems, try to overcome their issues with willpower. A recipe for failure. But don’t worry, there’s also the other 90% of your mind which is made up of your unconscious that will lead you to greatness.

The Key Is To Tap Into This Part Of Your Mind Consistently

Once you’ve tapped into your S.H.I.P (You’ll learn about this in the episode) there will be no stopping you. You won’t need daily motivation to get you through the day. You also won’t need anyone else’s support to pick you up when setback have occured. You’ll be able to self-counsel yourself to deal with anything that comes between you and your goals for your life. So let’s go!

In episode #44 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we’ll be learning about:

  • The real reasons to why most people only cope with their rising anxiety levels
  • Why we push our problems away rather than deal with them
  • How to begin training our unsonscious mind for progress and success over anxiety

Please download and share this episode with others who are in need of help for anxiety.

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2 comments on “TAGP 44: Secrets To Winning The War In Our Minds

  1. Sammy Jan 5, 2017

    Fantastic information! I am so glad I found this site. I swear you get it more than other people. I have such a hard time explaining my anxiety to people and they think I can just turn it off! It is something that I have learned and have to unlearn, and then replace with better mindful habits. I am going to email this to my mother who also have anxiety and worry issues!