Self Confidence, Exercise Motivation, And Mental Fitness Now!

May 6, 2015

You know you’ve met this kid before. You’ve probably met dozens if not hundreds of them. The kid might even live with you. This kid can make you feel young, even if you’re not. Everything he or she does is done with full physical commitment.

When he runs, he sprints as hard as he can. When she dances, it is wild and free and when they smile, every muscle in their face is stretched to its maximum. Could this be one of their secrets to happiness and excellent self confidence?

When you “act now”, your motivation immediately begins to increase. By definition, an act requires some form of movement. Like the boulder down the hill, the more you start moving, the more motivating momentum you begin to build.

If this is the case, then is it safe to assume that the more expressive and dynamic you are in your movement, the more motivated you will feel? Yes! Let’s play a game, if you have had 1 on 1 coaching sessions with me before you may have played this game already, but let’s do it again just for fun.

Think of a depressed person and answer …

Is their head up or down, eyes forward or down, breathing full or shallow, shoulders back or slumped, feeling heavy or light, showing a little or a lot of facial expression, generally have positive, expansive and creative thoughts or negative, critical and restricting thoughts?

Now think of someone who has immense self confidence, is happy and motivated. You get the opposite answers don’t you? This person has their head up, eyes forward, shoulders back, breathing full, feeling light, shows a lot of facial expression and has expansive and creative thoughts.

What is the obvious difference between the two?

The confident, happy, motivated person is more dynamic, more expressive: in simple terms they generate energy, positive emotion and motivation through movement.

Obesity related illnesses are the biggest health problems on the planet and guess what the second biggest problem will be within the decade: Depression. You think they are both connected? Absolutely! What do the obese and the depressed share in common? Neither of them moves very much.

In relation to these health problems there are of course many people on medication, and depending on the damage done, they may be recommended. What you may not know is this:

No drug can create new chemicals in your body.

They can only interact with the chemicals already there. This is important because there is more than one way to change the interactions and flow of chemicals in your body. A drug is one way to do it, often with troubling side effects.

The fastest natural way to increase the flow of the “happy” chemicals in your body, and gain long lastig self confidence is through dynamic movement. Try it now, create the biggest smile you can (engage your whole face), hold it and notice the sudden happy chemical rush … Now soften your eyes and make a slow, long, wide, calming smile and feel instantly calm.

The more you move, the greater the flow of serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine and endorphins through the body, and especially to the brain. The first three are your classic “happy” chemicals, while endorphins also increase the pleasure you feel and at the same time act as natural pain killers or tranquilisers (notice the word – TRANQUIL-isers).

Endorphins increase pleasure and induce calmness and you can maximize their effect by MOVING!

To live a tasty life, think of it this way. In a bottle of orange juice, it is the pulp that carries most of the flavor and nutrients. When you first get a bottle of orange juice, where is the pulp?

Sitting at the bottom, right? To make the juice taste good and to absorb the nutrients, what to do you have to do? You shake it up! You set it up so the key nutrients circulate and flow.

Laughing feels great because it involves so much of your body, so does sex and of course, exercise. Exerciseexercise and mental healthis the ultimate natural regular “happy and calming” chemical creator. You generally don’t feel calm during it because you are moving too quickly, but a short time after you’ve finished and you have your breath back …

Now you get to feel the euphoria and deep sense of calmness, and although the effects taper off over time, they do last the entire day! So, how do you use the movement principle to your motivational advantage? Before you set yourself to do a task, you always want to warm yourself up and get the motivation flowing by moving in some graded dynamic way.

You want to move towards being highly dynamic but you don’t start off that way immediately. You need to build it. Let me explain through a highly physical example first and then we will move on to mildly physical tasks. Let’s say you have decided to go for a run first thing in the morning. Of course, even if you don’t feel motivated at first, you will NOW ACT on that goal anyway because you know the motivation will come and it will be worth it.

That being said, you don’t start at 100%. In other words, as soon as you wake up, you shouldn’t leap out of bed, head out to the street and start sprinting. You will hurt yourself and potentially look kind of crazy as you probably should have taken a little bit more time to put some clothes on!

Jokes aside, what you need to do is build up your dynamic movement.

You should probably start with some light stretches, moving on to some more dynamic stretches and follow with a light jog. As those chemicals and your motivation begin to flow, you can then start to increase the intensity of what you are doing.

Pretty simple, when it comes to a highly physical example, isn’t it? It’s actually not any different when it comes to only mildly physical tasks. What do I mean by mildly physical? I mean the kind of tasks and jobs the majority of the world spend most of their time doing these days. I think it is safe to say that most people spend the majority of their working day sitting and moving very little.

This can and is a very big problem because motivation and energy come from movement. Then what do you need to do? The answer is the same as the highly physical example. You need to warm up in a graded and dynamic way.

I can hear you say: “Warm up to sit down and use a computer all day! How does that work?” The exact same way. Before you sit down to begin the task, spend 30 seconds or so stretching your body and then move into giving your body a bit of a vibrant shake. Straighten your posture and begin to breathe more deeply. Then say something positive and encouraging to yourself, sit in a straight active posture and begin.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what I mean about saying something positive and encouraging to yourself, you will learn all about that a little later. This way, your body has been activated for work. By moving dynamically, you have just sent a rush of ‘happy and motivating’ chemicals to your brain.

This way, it’s easier to begin and beginning is the hardest part.

The effects of course will not last all day. That’s why you need to do it often. You need to train yourself so that whenever you start to feel and become less dynamic, you get up, have a quick stretch and a vibrant shake out, straighten your posture, begin breathing deeply and then sit back down to work. This whole process can take less than 30 seconds!

Of course, you can add to it if you like. The more you move, the better you feel. You can put on a song and dance for a few minutes, shadow box, jump up and down or give yourself or get someone else to give you a quick massage. All these actions get those happy and motivating chemicals flowing back to the brain.

To put it simply: whenever you slump, get up! Practice doing this often. A 30 second stretch and move every 15-60 minutes depending on how you are feeling is going to save you hours of time in otherwise slumped over lost productivity. In fact, it has become such a motivating process for me now, that the more creative and productive I begin to feel the more I want to move and feel the flow. I usually stay in my chair but I still enjoy moving as I’m in it.

That is the power of movement.

As you will discover, dynamic movement does not just increase your self confidence, energy and effectiveness, it also positively influences others as well and changes the way they view you. All great acts in life require dynamic action. The more free and open you are in your expression, the better you will feel and the more you will achieve.

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2 comments on “Self Confidence, Exercise Motivation, And Mental Fitness Now!

  1. Terry Y. May 18, 2015

    In order to feel right you have to do something about it. Exercise might work for some while eating right is going to work for another person. Find what it is and enjoy it!