TAGP 19: Inspirational Interview With Self Development Guru Atta Emami

May 16, 2016

best self development tipsEver wonder what it would be like to live a life through our higher self, or our full potential? Of course you’ve thought about it, and we all study and implement those baby steps on a daily basis. But rarely on The Anxiety Guy Podcast do we get an inspirational self development coach such as the one we have today.

On episode #19 we get to take a few minutes of time from inspirational, self development speaker Atta Emami. In this interview Atta discusses how he came to become a leader in today’s world, and how you can transform your life as well. Atta shares the reasons for why people have such a difficult time furthering themselves in their career, relationships etc.

An interesting topic we touch on with Atta is also the first line of treatments in today’s world for stress and anxiety. Why are the mental health sufferers numbers going up? And what can we do about it? How does breathing and posture help towards self development? How can we take control of our emotions once and for all?

best self development tips and inspiration

Atta admiring my buddha statue, yes you can touch it…

I don’t suggest, I beg you to download this episode and listen to it a few times to get the deep message from Atta. If you have any questions for him or myself you may contact us directly through the Contact Page.

Crucial Self Development tips you’ll be receiving from this episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast:

  • How to get out of a rut once and for all
  • Reasons why so many people fail after purchasing online self development programs
  • How to begin changing your perspective on life starting today

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16 comments on “TAGP 19: Inspirational Interview With Self Development Guru Atta Emami

  1. mohamed May 17, 2016

    hii…great dennis interviewing someone to try to help anxiety sufferes…. but i think wht u said is enough and the root of the problem.. accept …educate u self wht anxiety is and anxiety physical explaind.. and to let negative energy go by itself and ignore it.. plus change u habits and life style and patience … thts is . but programes and extra… will let u focus mire on anxiety inward .. wht we want is focusing at outward more not remmbring ourselves of anxiety .in contrarty we want to lose interest of it by going to programes which takes months ir cbt with expert will let u focus more on anxiety.. . the reason why my anxiety is still there tht i want to get rid of it right away .second keep tailkng for 3 years 24 hours with my friends about which made it engraved in my mind.. but your tips dennis is very usefulll and the only solution and depends on anxiety sufferer on his willing to implement it excatly . thnks again very much .. wish next podcast would talk more about depersinalisation it will help many .. peolple i know r very scared of it . thx

  2. mohammed May 18, 2016

    u the best…wish I knew u before .. 2009 I had panic attacks , ididnt know wht was it, I went to doctor never explained wht it was just put me on Xanax for 3 years never tell why until I experienced lots of side effects and stop it,, if i had known about u tht time i wouldn’t have taken pills. i overcomed panic attacks since 2014, all i have is anxiety bvz the way i acted towards ssome situotions very sensitive dealing . I’m fixating my se;f taking responsibilities for my actions its time now . thx a lot bless u

  3. mohamed May 20, 2016

    hi dennis i got one question.. i been doing some weight lifting just danbels not much wreight i noticed just 10 to 15 mintes maximum … i noticed i get more body numbness more tired and dizzy.. dont know its bcz my body is already fatiqued bcz anxiety . 9 months ago i did cardio checkup exerscise tolerance my heart was vv good.. so do u think i should do some lighter exercise .. i go for a walk everyday for 20 mintes .. i know tai chi .. but i think my tai chi mentor didnt teach proper methodes he never mentioned about breathing .. . so do u think its only stess hormones maked my body exhousted and by lifting little weight gets more tired . thx i hope some people get benefit from my questions

    • I went through the same process for 3 years with exercise numbness and extreme fatigue and dizziness. I realized that my nervous system was shouting at me to slow down. take it as a signal from your body that you need to begin with baby steps, basically pushing yourself to 50 percent f your max on each exercise. This will give your mind and body the benefits of exercise, as well as prevent further fatigue and crashes.

      • mohamed May 20, 2016

        oh thaxnk . yes i dont want put much more load . baby steps is the best . walking 20 mintes and little liftting weigh for 5 mintes will do the job . yes ill start doing it . thanks so much

  4. mohamed May 22, 2016

    hi dennis.. i was watching u video about u travel to baliy..question wht if there is no comfort zone.. i mean when im home or in my room i get scared …fear… anxiety sensations..even in my room i dont feel safe. some people wheh they have panic they run away to comfort zone then they feel bettre. . panic attack is over for more year ago but i have anxiety .. i dont run away i stay where ever i am.. i feel scared but i stay even home same thing there is no comfort zone for me i dont know why i feel tht… second when i close my eyes while sleep thougts starts coming very scary like my anxiety will not go . ill end up in mental hospital.. heart start racing.. weird thing when i open my eyes all these things starts to fade gradually ..like button on and off.. cannot relax ..is the nervous system gets more activated during sleep. and wht can i do about it …. thoughs and palpetation during sleep . thx

    • Mohamed have you ever considered partaking in the End The Anxiety Program? The difference between me giving you these pointers and tips and the end the anxiety program is it holds you accountable daily, and the checking in system means you work with me closely. The program can be found Here, and I believe will help you greatly as it helped over 7000 other people worldwide.

      • mohamed May 22, 2016

        ok cool

        • mohamed May 23, 2016

          its ok..but being conituntly checking will remind me of my anxiety which something i have to be less interested in . focusing on the world and things around me t0 distract my self and building confidence as you said by telling my mind that theres is nothing wrong with me . i dont think i have health symptoms i know my self . 4 years ago i started having panic attack .and it was elenunated for one year now .. i have shifting physical symptoms which when i get to use it.something else happen ..make me confused . its brain misiterpret the symptoms and its normal evem with people with no anxiety if they experince any symptoms new of caurse thet will wander whats wrong with me but less focusing than anxiety sufferes. i think bcz i get aftaid from symptoms and my mind brings the worse senario ..plus wherever i go people talk about someone has chest pain then he vomit then heart attack .. when u listen to people u mind will be programed and brain misiterprt when u get similer symptoms .

  5. Johnny Scane May 23, 2016

    There are so many stresses for people today, however it seems like the ones that really make the difference are the ones that YOU allow to bother you. You have a very good and helpful blog here, thank you for that!

  6. Chrissy Bayles May 23, 2016

    Do you think that so many people fail online self help situations because what they are buying is not that good? Or maybe it has to do with the fact that these people are not doing it correctly?

    • I believe you have to plant the seeds of faith, and inspiration before starting any type of programs. It’s not so much that the anxiety program fails, it’s that the person fails to partake in the pre program needs of the mind.