What Is Self Love And How To Use It Against Anxiety?

December 14, 2017

“Don’t Forget To Fall In Love With Yourself First.”

We often come across friends and family telling us that we need to learn to love ourselves first before we can love someone else. And all of us always tend to respond with a retort that we DO love ourselves. But is that the truth?

What is the concept of self love?

Is it indulging oneself by buying new clothes or getting a beauty makeover? Does it refer to getting into a brand new relationship? Or does it mean learning about inspiration and motivation from self-help books? No, it is none of those. Such activities may offer temporary gratification and a sense of goodness, but it does not help you learn to love yourself.

Self love can be compared to an existence that is characterized by self appreciation emanating from actions supportive of our psychological, physical, and spiritual growth

It is dynamic and evolving and spreads via actions that help us become more mature and self mastered. When we continue performing actions that help self love grow, we commence the process of accepting both our strengths and weaknesses.

We develop compassion for ourselves as just being humans who are in a constant struggle to find the meaning to life. We forgo the need to elucidate our inadequacies to oneself or others in our social or family circle. We become centered when it comes to the values and purpose of our existence. And we learn to make efforts to fulfill our life goals.

Self-love is thus one of the main ingredients to a better life and is a great weapon against GAD, health anxiety and other stresses of the modern world. Self love plays an important role in choosing your life partner, portrayal of the self in the workplace, and the ways used to overcome all issues in life. It is a vital cog in our welfare and living an anxiety free life.

Below are some ways in which you can practice self love and overcome anxiety:

  • People who have self love are more mindful of who they are and act accordingly. They do not act dependant on what others think of them or what others want. Increased knowledge of the self can be effectively used to combat anxiety.
  • Self love ensures that you take good care of yourself. Sufficient nutrition, regular exercise, good lifestyle choices, healthy sleep patterns, proper social relationships, and intimacy are some aspects of healthy living and all of them can help overcome anxiety.
  • There are many so called friends who rejoice in your pain and loss instead of feeling happy for you. People who profess self love do not keep such friends. Our existence as humans on this planet is quite short, and no time should be wasted on friends who despise your success. Being around people who appreciate you can be a great asset in the fight against anxiety.

Self love helps create and maintain boundaries for love, work, and activities which may lead to financial, emotional, physical, or spiritual loss. Setting limits can help one love oneself more and pave the path towards an anxiety free life.

What Does Self Love Mean To You? Comment Below And Inspire Today.

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