Anxiety In Shopping Malls Leaving You Dizzy And Panicky?

May 19, 2014
shopping anxiety

Things can feel like they’re moving when they’re not, if you experience anxiety when shopping.

Development in the retail market has certainly resulted in the growth of a huge number of shopping malls and departmental stores all around the world (definitely a bunch in my area). Even small towns are getting their own malls alongside the cities. We have become so addicted to shopping in these shopping malls that we visit these places at every opportunity we have. We go to these places for buying the daily groceries and essentials as well of course. This factor does result in quite a congested scenario as a huge number of people throng these malls. In turn, this huge development often fuels the people’s anxiety in shopping malls.

As Hard As I Tried, Dizziness And Panic At Shopping Malls Were My Constant Companion

A real common reason for this anxiety is the prospect of being intimidated by a number of people as soon as you enter through the gates of the shopping malls. Henceforth wherever you move to, a number of people confront you, be it the shoppers or the salesmen. Sometimes the anxiousness makes you seem completely lost in the vast sea of people. You may seem to get disoriented while everything suddenly turns black around you! Panic attacks inside elevators in malls are quite common instances. Sometimes you just keep on roaming around blankly without any idea what you are doing (sound familiar?). You gasp for fresh air and always stay alert as you see a number of unknown faces roaming around you.

People suffering from anxiety in malls even think that everyone is looking at him or her, which often makes them extremely tipsy, potentially ending in an embarrassing situation. 

So what to do about anxiety in shopping malls?

social anxiety help

This guys shopping anxiety is now affecting his social life big time…

Every single thing on this earth has a solution. Man has only to find that solution out (wow I sound like a philosopher). One of the remedies is Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (which is the main tools used in the End The Anxiety Program). Here the psychiatrist sits with you the person with the anxiety condition and together they chalk out ways to cure this anxiety disorder. This treatment is not very prolonged as all the patient needs to do is stick to the goals set by him and his doctor.

In 12 -16 sittings you’ll start showing remarkable symptoms of anxiety solutions (could cost you a pretty penny though). Usage of proper therapy manuals online can also help you achieve success in overcoming this anxiety (have you downloaded your free copy of the Anxious Brain Unmasked Yet??), and exhibit symptoms of anxiety solutions.

But these solutions can also trick you into making you think that you have recovered; when you have not. So just see how patiently you can handle the situation, how calmly and comfortably you can confront a group of people. As these prospects brighten up, so do you and your anxiety disorder recedes with time.

Do you experience anxiety in shopping malls? If so share your experiences in the comment section below and let’s see what we can accomplish together!

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