What Problem Do You Want To Solve In Your Life?

January 16, 2014

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Thank you for your emails and thank you for your follows. I want to make today about what YOU want. What do you want to learn more about? I feel at this point in my life having helped many people locally, as well as online overcome not only their anxiety issues but stabilizing other parts of their lives, I can truly create some amazing changes in people.

So I want to make a video about what YOU want! It can be something related to dating, or regarding panic attacks, or anti anxiety medications. It can even be about routines such as the best morning routine to get the day started right, it’s totally up to you! I will share my own experiences of what has worked, as well as give you proven ways to solve your problem.

I will dedicate the video to you personally on YouTube, just comment below on an issue that has been bugging you for a while and I will guarantee that I will help you solve that issue.

Looking forward to your comments and look out for the video this Sunday!

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