TAGP 96: To Speak Or Not To Speak About Your Health Anxiety To Others

December 25, 2017

how to speak about your health anxiety to others“Talking About Our Health Anxiety Is The Greatest Addiction We Have In Today’s World.”

Could the way we talk about our health anxiety, the frequency, as well as the meaning we attach to the action be hurting our anxiety recovery process? Absolutely. During my 6 year struggle with anxiety disorders one of the most repetitive things I did was to run to my fiancee as well as other ‘safety people’ in my life when things got difficult.

With Every Symptom Of Anxiety And Difficult Situation I Faced, Came A Comforting Reaction From Others That Unconsciously Kept Me Struggling

It really gets interesting when we think about how health anxiety recovery works for so many people today. It’s usually a 3 steps forward and 3 step back kind of tug of war that many times goes on for years. Why? Because of fear. A fear of losing what we already have. The significance, the connections we’ve made, coupled with the fears of an unknown world ahead and we have a recipe for change that your system doesn’t approve of, yet.

Your Unconscious Mind Wants To Automate Everything In Your Life. It Doesn’t Like Change, And Will Certainly Says It’s Piece Regularly On The Journey Towards Health Anxiety Recovery

In this powerful episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I want to equip you with the know-how and skill sets when it comes to speaking about your health anxiety to others. Your support team can be an amazing help on your road to recovery, but you must set them up for the best way to help you in return.

So In Episode #95 We Look Into:

  • How talking about your health anxiety to others right now hurts your progress
  • The effects this habit has on your long term mental and emotional health
  • The best way to speak about your health anxiety to your amazing support team

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4 comments on “TAGP 96: To Speak Or Not To Speak About Your Health Anxiety To Others

  1. Mohanned Dec 27, 2017

    Hi dennis. Yes i do it always . Speaking calling my friends whenever i get panicky and symptoms of anxiety become in high level….bec fear paralyze
    .. i know wht i been doing is wrong . Bcz i have to depend on my self while anxiety not friend.. now stopped calling only one call sometime talking about wht i been through whole the day about anxiety for 10 mintes then i change subject talikng about something else.. im reducing speaking about my anxiety so that my frirmds also dont get bored.. i have noticed my anxiety fear panic is getting worse.. but i think its only feeling bcz im reducing caling my friends from 20 times a day to one time and some time my friends dont answer me bcz thy busy.. its only the fear sometimes is overwhelmed.. and i know why bcz as u said dennis sensitisation and belifes were engraned within me and thoughts .so all i need is activate my parasymphthetic system..which im doing my best to do like breathing and exercising and relaxing .. sometimes i get result sometimes not