TAGP 259: Is Healing Anxiety Leading You To A Spiritual Awakening

September 28, 2020

Can a person be drawn towards a spiritual awakening during the time of healing their own anxiety? An interesting question and one that doesn’t get enough attention in the mental health world. Thankfully in today’s anxiety guy podcast I’ll be diving deep into this very important transition.

What is a spiritual awakening and how can it arise through healing anxiety?

There’s no set answer to this question.

If there was, it would be a very linear path and one we’d all be very comfortable with. But a spiritual awakening isn’t comfortable, at least for most people. The reason is because it’s something new, uncertain, and many times goes against the persons and their parents belief systems. This can be an extra challenging place to be for a health anxiety sufferer.

When a new occurrence happens in our lives we unconsciously go through our brains filter system to see whether it is acceptable or not. This filter system has recoded all our previous traumatic and excitable experiences and if the new information doesn’t align with what’s been consistent we have an ‘icky’ feeling towards it.

spiritual awakening

When most people experience this ‘icky’ feeling they create doubt around it, placing a wall between them and change.

We begin consciously and unconsciously rationalizing how we may be unfit for such a spiritual awakening, how it goes against our natural ways (which isn’t really our own), and so we turn our backs to it. Turn your back to this spiritual awakening and sometimes what positively needed to manifest does so much slower, or never at all.


The reason is because in the ever-changing world that we live in you must change along with it. A deeper exploration into this spiritual awakening due to healing anxiety will be uncomfortable but necessary. Rejecting it and going back to familiarity may close the door on self mastery all that could every positively manifest into your life.

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