TAGP 21: The 6 Stages Of Transformational Change

June 13, 2016

best self development tipsIt’s incredibly important that people listening to The Anxiety Guy Podcast episode #2 understand that behaviour change does not happen in one step. Rather, people tend to progress through different stages on their way to successful change. Also, each of us progresses through the stages at our own rate.

So expecting behaviour change by simply telling someone, for example, who is still in the “pre-contemplation” stage that he or she must go to a certain number of AA meetings in a certain time period is rather naive (and perhaps counterproductive) because they are not ready to change.

Each person must decide for him or herself when a stage is completed and when it is time to move on to the next stage. Moreover, this decision must come from the inside – stable, long-term change cannot be externally imposed.

In each of the stages, a person has to grapple with a different set of issues and tasks that relate to changing behaviour.

In this episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I will be sharing with you:

  • The ways you can go from one stage of transformational change to the next quickly
  • Why it’s important not to get stuck in one stage for too long
  • How to relate these changes to your health anxiety condition

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3 comments on “TAGP 21: The 6 Stages Of Transformational Change

  1. mohamed Jun 14, 2016

    hi dennis .. very inspiring podcast thanks alot.. well i dont know wht stage i am.. but all i know i started to change when i made up my mind to stop pills….it was 3 years ago . i said to my self pills are only let me dependable on them.. second lots of side effects which made me stop it and third it has to be another way not connect my life or my mind with pill. second i overcomed panic attacks with help with my friends was very strong ..without pills .but then i started to have GAD constants physical symptoms and fear.. but also i said to my self i have to change bcz if i work harder in future ill be stronger .. maybe anxiety is ment to be bcz i used to be v sensitive lack if self confidence.. its time to boost my confidence and become stronger maybe anxiety is giving me this chance.. i have been participating in many activities i become member in shooting team .i keep pushing my self to go everywhere not letting the fear and sensation to prevent me..i made it i travelled to many countries carrying my anxiety with me… i have joined yoga class. i think im changing ..yoga class i noticed my anxiety is getting worse but as i asked the instructer and checked in website yoga is releasing hidden emotions i feel sometime i m going to cry and my senssation is getting worse but its normal its releasing wht the pills was inhibiting and kept it within me.. i dont know wht stage im following .in your point of view do u think i have got over the contemplating stage.. im doing my best to ignore also symptoms and fear .confidence takes time ..it differs fron each one . thanks i hope my comment is usefull ..

  2. mohamed Jun 18, 2016

    hi dennis i have 2 questions.. first about the constant fear i have and horrer feeling comes with it body numbness and feel im going to faint . is that fear because the more i igonre it and go out and doing activites gets bigger .. i have read tht there is part in brain called the protective side .tht part the more u challenge it the more acitive he become and giving u constant fear and differnt body symptoms.. is tht right.. second thing u said everybody takes recovers in differnt time and dissensitiszed in diferent time and should not set time to recovery.. i have been challenging fear and anxiety for 3 years .wht happend i noticed the more i challenge my mind when he gives me fear the more fear become trying to push back even in a second gives me fear about something i will do it after months .do i call this setbacks or wht do we call it.. i remmber last year i wasnt having fear only body symptoms and depersinalisation. but something had happend year ago .i was going to work feeling imbalance and dizzy i said its my anxiety but u know your critical voice always trying to convince u something wrong. so i want to clinic to check my blood pressure . it was low 90/60.the doctore said go eat something it will come back to normal. but i got feak out i ran away home and ate salty food .then i checked my blood pressure afain severak time for one month dalily 10 times . i got obsessed .later numbness started to come to my body since i get up from bed and feel always weak and im going to faint.. i think wht i did is over reacted and it went against me and my brain thinks tht im in constant danger so tht why i have constant numbness and fatigued in my body and fear sensation never get away . do you think i analyse it right . and curing tht thing is to do the opposite by anything my mind tellling me to do i do the opposite to reprograme it and convince ut im safe.. wht do u think dennis thanks . i kniw i made lots of mistakes but wht can i sy some time fear paralyze u . thx