Your Ultimate Resilience Against Stress And Anxiety

April 29, 2014

anxiety and stress resilience

Each one of us has different levels of resiliency when it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety in our life situations. Do you need to learn some ways of becoming more resilient though?

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einsteineinstein quotes

1. Do you worry constantly and cycle with negative self-talk?

2. Do you have difficulty concentrating?

3. Do you get mad and react easily?

4. Do you have recurring neck or headaches?

5. Do you grind your teeth?

6. Do you frequently feel overwhelmed, anxious or depressed?

7. Do you feed your stress with unhealthy habits-eating or drinking excessively, smoking, arguing, or avoiding yourself and life in other ways?

The most important first step in dealing with your stress and anxiety is to accept and acknowledge that it is your emotional reaction to a situation or event in your life that causes your stress and anxiety, not the situation itself. We often can’t do anything about the situation, but we can work with our reaction to the situation,

This is where our power is!

I created the Snap Out Of It NOW! Method to help myself, and now you, to become more resilient and more creative. In other words, to learn how to interrupt and SNAP Out of the destructive cycle of emotional reactions that are engaged when faced with a difficult life situation.

Breathing Awareness Exercise:

Your breath is your key to self-resiliency. The breath is your entry into your body-bringing light to the darkness, warmth to the coldness, and boundless possibilities for breaking free from your everyday reality. The following exercise takes less than a minute and you can do it anywhere-at the grocery store, in your car during traffic, even in the middle of a fight or disagreement with another person. Sometimes just one single minute can be your best friend!

Launch Yourself to Places You Have Never Gone Before!

1. STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN. Acknowledge you are stuck in a negative thinking/feeling pattern, you are stuck in a destructive cycle of reactions within your own body.

2. Become aware of your BREATH by listening to your breath going in and out your nose. Enter your body with your breath.

3. BREATHE into the negative feeling/sensations in your body that is present wherever it may be, and as you exhale you are releasing the disharmony within your body.

You are NOW free to deal with the situation in a creative new way!

You are shifting the state of your body and mind away from disharmony (frustration, anger, fear) back to its natural state of harmony (appreciation, love, joy)! Within this state of harmony you are more flexible, resilient, and creative. Is it not wonderful to have a tool that will launch you into possibilities you never saw before!

Try the breathing resilience exercises and share your experiences in the comment section below!


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